Boothby Doubles Through Wiesebrock

Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 131/256

We noticed Roland Boothby on around 140,000 which was about double the stack from the last time we saw his chips. Boothby was kind enough to give a short recap of how he doubled his stack.

With blinds still at 1,000/1,500, Boothby opened from the cutoff for 3,000 before he called a three-bet to 12,000 by Stefan Wiesebrock from the big blind. Boothby couldn't recall the entire flop, but shared the Q was part of it along with two black cards.

Both players checked and the 7 was dealt on the turn. Wiesebrock check-called a bet of 12,000 and Boothby shared the 6 paired the board on the river. Boothby jammed for more than 40,000 and got a call. Boothby turned over A 10 for the nut flush. Although it was an all-in and a call, Wiesebrock didn't show his cards and nobody at the table asked him to.

"He got really lucky," Wiesebrock added after the hand was shared with a big smile on his face.

Roland Boothby - 140,000
Stefan Wiesebrock - 35,000

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