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Biggest-Ever 888poker Festival in London Hits in October

Since 888poker opened its own branded poker room at the Aspers Casino in East London back in March, the tournament action has been pretty much non-stop.

However, none of them have been quite as big as what’s about to hit town in October.

“Make It Big" is the motto of a new 888poker festival series coming to Aspers Oct. 13-23 that will take the room to the next level over an 11-day, 17-event spectacular.

Biggest Yet in London

17 tournaments, live satellites not included, will play out over the course of the biggest festival 888 has put on yet at Aspers.

888poker live aspers london

Aspers will be full to brimming.

The major events will be:

  • £100,000 guaranteed, £220 buy-in opening event with three starting days
  • £2000 buy-in, 2-day High Roller event
  • £200,000 guaranteed, £880 buy-in, three-day main event

Plenty more events are also on the slate starting at £120 buy-in and featuring Turbo and Deepstack events as well as a £250 Omaha Turbo Mega Deep event.

You can already find online satellites under the live events tab in the 888poker lobby.

Apart from the steps satellites there are direct qualifiers for the opening and the main event. Check the full schedule below.

Third 888poker Live Series

Over the last couple of years 888poker has established itself as one of the leading hosts of live poker events.

There is already the 888Live Local Series with multiple stops all over Europe and even the Americas. Most of these stops feature a two-day NLHE event with €/£/$220 buy-in.

Then there is the 888Live! Series, which features a €440, two-day main event plus a $5k bounty freeroll and – as a special feature – one additional day of sports or cultural activities.

Former events have led the participants to exciting places like Tallinn/Estonia, Marbella/Spain, the Austrian Alps and Cyprus.

With a third live event concept out there 888poker is still pushing the idea of attracting amateur players but has added tournaments with medium buy-ins and even a high roller to expand the range of players events should appeal to.

As a special incentive 888poker’s top European team pros Sofia LövgrenDominik Nitsche and Chris Moorman will also play in the big events and they will each carry an $888 bounty.

Also planning on taking in some London poker this fall? The #3 player on the all-time money list, Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari:

888Live London Festival Schedule

Date/StartEventBuy inStackLevelInfo
13/10/2016 18:00888Live London Festival - Opening Event Day 1A£2202500030/40 min£100,000 GTD
14/10/2016 18:00888Live London Festival - Opening Event Day 1B£2202500030/40min£100,000 GTD
15/10/2016 13:00888Live London Festival - Opening Event Day1C£2202500030/40 min£100,000 GTD
15/10/2016 15:00Lightening 6max 36 cap£1202000015 min 
16/10/2016 12:00888Live London Festival - Opening Event FINAL  40 min 
16/10/2016 17:00Lightening 6max 36 cap£1202000015 min 
16/10/2016 19:00Turbo Mega Deep£1202000015 min 
18/10/2016 14:00Super satellite Main£50300015/30 min 
18/10/2016 17:00Lightening 6max 36 cap£1202000015min 
18/10/2016 18:00Turbo Mega Deep£1202000015 min 
18/10/2016 20:00Super satellite Main£50300015/30 min 
19/10/2016 14:00Super satellite Main£50300015/30 min 
19/10/2016 15:00High Roller Day 1£20006000040 min 
19/10/2016 17:00Lightening 6max 36 cap£1202000015 min 
19/10/2016 18:00Turbo Mega Deep£1202000015 min 
19/10/2016 20:00Super satellite Main£50300015/30 min 
20/10/2016 12:00888Live London Festival ME Day 1A£8803000060 min£200000 GTD
20/10/2016 15:00High Roller Day 2  40 min 
20/10/2016 17:00Lightening 6max 36 cap£1202000015 min 
20/10/2016 18:00Turbo MegaDeep Omaha£2502000015 min 
20/10/2016 20:00Super satellite Main£50300015/30 min 
21/10/2016 12:00888Live London Festival ME Day 1B£8803000060 min£200000 GTD
21/10/2016 17:00Lightening 6max 36 cap£1202000015 min 
21/10/2016 18:00Mega Knockout Live£4002000015 min 
22/10/2016 12:00888Live London Festival ME Day 2  60 min 
22/10/2016 17:00Lightening 6max 36 cap£1202000015 min 
22/10/2016 16:00Two Day 25K£2202500030/40 min 
23/10/2016 13:00888Live London Festival ME Final  60 min 
23/10/2016 15:00Two Day 25K Day 2  40 min 
23/10/2016 17:00Lightening 6max 36 cap£1202000015 min 
23/10/2016 18:00Turbo Mega Deep£1202000015 min 

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