Best Poker Podcasts to Listen to in 2022

There are dozens of poker podcasts to follow, covering everything and anything poker – these shows are equally entertaining and educational. But who has the time for them all? So we’ve collated the best poker podcasts of 2022 according to what you’re looking for so you can save some time. 

When the first poker podcasts emerged around 2015, the waters were fairly shallow - Today, they run deep. This is because the world is becoming busier and the podcast format has become incredibly popular as it allows listeners to multitask. Almost half of podcast listeners will do it while driving, at work, while exercising or out and about. So as the global market for podcasts has grown, so too has the desire of online poker operators, players and personalities to reach their audiences where they are.

From your point of view, you’re getting free poker content in the form of entertaining conversations to power through boring tasks. In this guide to finding a poker podcast on Spotify, Apple podcasts, and more, we’ve picked out all the latest and greatest when it comes to strategy, news, lifestyle, catch-ups and gossip. So whether you’re looking to learn more about the nuances of post-flop play, what Daniel Negreanu does on his days off or which pros are in the headlines, you can get it all from these podcasts. So, if you’re ready to entertain your ears and your eyes, here are shows you should tune in to.

Best Poker Podcasts for News and Updates 

On the Road With PokerListings

On the road with PokerListings is poker podcast dedicated on giving the listener in-depth analysis and commentary on various topics from the poker world. Hosted by veteran poker commentator and player Jason Glatzer the show features different guest in every episode. If you like poker and want to know more about the poker scenes in different countries, learn the tricks from the best, and get a professional commentary from the heart of the biggest events - this is a poker podcast for you. Entertaining and informative content is the backbone of every podcast and On the Road with PokerListings hosted by Jason Glatzer, who has over 40 years of experience on the subject, knows what is up when it comes to poker.

Every episode focuses on certain topic which is digested step by step during the podcast. As example, past topics have been about:

  • Ylva Thorsrud - Coolbet Open, The Festival Series & Norwegian Poker Community
  • Chris da Silva - Getting Back On The Live Poker Road Post-Pandemic
  • Steven van Zadelhoff - Success Online and Live in Malta & Battle of Malta 2022
  • John Oliver - WSOP Main Event and the PCC Malta

The Fives

If you prefer to get the latest poker news and gossip pumped into your ears instead of reading it, make sure you check out these top-rated poker podcasts.

Designed for “players, fans and enthusiasts of the game”, The Fives is hosted by industry insiders Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters. The show is designed to not only provide news updates but provoke discussions.

Bradley and Peters have been around poker for more than a decade, so they know what’s what. This allows them to have informed debates about the latest stories. So, as well as being a proverbial finger on the pulse, The Fives acts as a barometer for what’s really going on under poker’s skin.

Get The Latest from Operators’ Poker Podcasts

Poker operators saw the rising popularity of podcasts and took their seats at the table in 2015. The medium is such that it allows these companies to reach a large audience and, importantly, entertain the masses. Yes, there’s a certain amount of self-promotion involved. 

However, the likes of PokerStars, Unibet and Partypoker also sponsor poker podcasts because they want to give players and fans more value. Podcasts on YouTube, iTunes and other major platforms allow them to do this. Whether it’s interviews, strategy advice, prize giveaways or promotions, these shows are designed to make your poker experience more enjoyable.

Poker in the Ears - PokerStars Podcast

It’s hardly surprising that the biggest name in real money online poker has had a podcast since 2015. Poker in the Ears from PokerStars is presented by James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton, two men who not only know the industry, but also each other inside out. Hartigan and Stapleton have been commenting on PokerStars tournaments for years and have a natural chemistry behind the mic. 

They’ve transferred this winning formula to their weekly show that takes you behind-the-scenes. From backroom gossip at the latest live event to guest appearances from Daniel Negreanu, Vanessa Kade, Lex Veldhuis and other greats. This podcast gives you an acute insight into what life is like on the road.

If that’s not enough, the PokerStars Podcast also serves as a route into the big leagues. What we mean is that listeners can take part in various competitions and freerolls that can earn them a place in some of PokerStars’ biggest live events (or online). 

The Heart of Poker Podcast with Kara Scott from 888poker

Kara Scott has been on the poker scene for more than a decade. And, when we say on the scene, we mean it. She started out as a presenter and reporter for some of the top poker media outlets and operators. Stints on Eurosport and Channel 5 in the UK followed before she started playing high level tournaments. A second place finish in the 2009 Irish Poker Open made here as much of a force on the felt as she was off of it. 

Today, this Canadian poker podcast host is sponsored by 888poker. Even though it’s a fairly new poker podcast (Ep. 1 was on December 27, 2019), there’s plenty of high-quality content to feast on. As well as appearances from 888poker Ambassadors like Chris Moorman and Dominik Nitsche, you can listen to episodes featuring Vanessa Selbst, Mario Ho, Jason Koon and more.

Ultimately, the USP of this show is Scott. She’s been around the industry for so long that she knows all the major players. That means the monthly instalments of 888poker’s podcast are open and frank interviews. You get to learn things about poker’s top personalities that you never knew before. Now, after PokerStars Ontario launch, The Heart of Poker podcast will have their hands full as online poker in Canada is now officially OPEN!

The Chip Race - Sponsored by Unibet Poker

If you’re looking for best poker podcast recommendations, The Chip Race will be top of most people’s tracklist. This show won the GPI’s Best Poker Podcast award in 2018 after unmatched praise from the community and industry experts. Winning the inaugural award was recognition of the work that goes into this show.

Unlike their counterparts, Unibet’s David Lappin and Dara O’Kearney treat The Chip Race like a radio show. Ever since the first episode in 2015, they’ve divided up their schedule into seasons. As of 2021, the podcast was in its 14th season.

Typically, there are seven episodes per season but, in recent years, bonus shows known as the “Lock-In” have been added to the schedule. These episodes feature candid and sometimes irreverent interviews with poker pros. The main show is divided into five parts, just like a radio show. That means you get guest appearances, poker news, strategy, tournament updates and more.

Jeff Gross Podcast - The Flow Show from Partypoker

If you really want to learn poker from a podcast, The Flow Show featuring Jeff Gross is fantastic. Not only has Gross been a high-level tournament pro for years, he talks to some of the game’s finest on a monthly basis. On average, there are two episodes each week. That means you can hear how the likes of Daniel Negreanu, Phil Galfond, Antonio Esfandiari and many more pros made it to the top.

What’s neat about The Flow Show is that Gross also speaks to people in and around the industry. Previous guests include WPT President Adam Pliska, businessman Bill Perkins and comedian Kevin Hart. As the sponsor of Gross and the podcast, Partypoker also provides content for the show, namely in the form of prize giveaways.

However, the defining feature of this podcast about poker is that it’s available on all major platforms, including YouTube. There aren’t many other online poker podcast shows that feature video content as well as audio. So, in this regard, The Flow Show is up there with the best.

The Rake - Run it Once Poker

The market for female poker player podcast content is growing and rightly so. Many of the game’s finest are women and that means we’re now getting pearls of wisdom, personal insights and much more from the likes of Jamie Kerstetter (previously Marle Cordeiro too). She’s joined on a weekly basis by Canada’s Ben Wilinofsky to talk all things poker. Overall, this show is a mix of current events, poker strategy and inside talk from poker tournament community.

That makes it ideal for casual fans and those wanting to keep their fingers on the industry’s pulse. Of course, because The Rake is sponsored by Run It Once, there are some nuggets of wisdom from Phil Galfond and his team of coaches. And, moreover, if you’re in a region where the Run It Once poker site is active, there are opportunities to pick up some freebies when you listen on iTunes et al or watch via YouTube.

PokerStaples - sponsored by Partypoker

Ever wanted to know what the journey from microstakes to poker pro was like? If so, PokerStaples is the podcast for you. Hosted by Jaime Staples and sponsored by Partypoker, this show definitely straddles the line between education and entertainment. Staples is a Twitch streamer which means the weekly content is available in audio and video form.

Moreover, he aims to engage with the audience as much as possible. That makes it entertaining. However, Staples also covers poker basics, what it’s like to play online and everything else that goes into becoming a pro. Indeed, this is a great poker podcast for beginners and intermediates because you get to see how someone on the rise makes decisions in real-time.

Big Name Poker Podcasts

Many of poker’s biggest names have jumped on the podcast bandwagon in recent years. Even elite-level pros like Daniel Negreanu have been willing to peel back the curtain and share intimate parts of their life (and poker knowledge) with you, as you’ll discover when you check out these shows:

DAT Poker Podcast - Daniel Negreanu, Adam Schwartz & more

When one of the biggest names in poker teams up with other top names in the game, you get the DAT Poker Podcast hosts. This weekly poker podcast has been running since August 2018 and provides an inside look at the life of Daniel Negreanu. He’s joined by broadcaster and part-time poker player Adam Schwartz, ex pro grinder Terrance Chan and producer Ross Henry.

As you’d expect, Negreanu dispenses valuable nuggets of information, as do his high-profile guests. However, this isn’t strictly a poker tournament strategy podcast or cash game masterclass. We’re sure any strategy poker podcast Daniel Negreanu wanted to do would be successful, however this show is more of a mashup of poker world, scoop, lifestyle and strategy. That means you get the latest news stories, recent results, interviews and more.

In fact, listeners can even interact with the hosts by leaving messages and comments via the following methods:

  • DAT Poker Podcast email: [email protected]
  • DAT Poker Podcast phone number: 1.775.434.2932
  • DAT Poker Podcast YouTube: Search “Daniel Negreanu” or “DAT Poker Podcast Video”

Poker Life Podcast and HSPLO Podcast - Joey Ingram

Joey Ingram can be considered something of a visionary within the poker content space. Even though he was busy grinding high stakes games back in 2015, he decided to devote some time to podcasting. With that, his High Stakes PLO Poker Podcast was born. The first batch of shows were a combination of hand reviews and strategic insights.

From that early Omaha poker podcast, Ingram introduced a second offering. Poker Life was a combination of interviews with famous poker pros, insights from Ingram’s life and updates from the industry as a whole. Today, Ingram has created hundreds of shows and helped thousands of people learn poker through his podcasts.

Poker Strategy Podcasts

Podcasts are an excellent way to learn for free. Shows such as the Postflop Poker Podcast have long been popular but we think the shows listed below are some of the best. From beginner tips to pro-level strategy, these shows should help you improve your game.

Red Chip Poker Podcast

Red Chip Poker Podcast has some of the best poker podcast download stats. Since launching in 2018, Red Chip Poker Podcast has received more than 2.5 million downloads. Shows air on a weekly basis and are split into seasons. At the time of writing, there had been four seasons and more than 100 episodes.

The reason this show has become so popular is because of the way it teaches you about poker from every angle. Each episode focuses on one specific concept. That means the host can start at the bottom and move up through the levels. As well as standard strategy tips, the Red Chip Podcast covers non-standard topics such as nutrition and filing your tax as a poker pro.

Thinking Poker Podcast

Andrew Brokos is the brains behind the podcast. He’s been a pro player, writer and coach since 2005. This gives you a unique perspective on the industry because he sees the game from every angle. This becomes immediately obvious when you listen to his weekly show. All of the best Thinking Poker Podcast episodes provide an insight into the game from a perspective that everyone can understand.

For example, Episode #347 discussed the mindset of successful players. Nate Meyvis was in the hot seat and he discussed his own way of thinking about poker as well as how his mindset has evolved over the years. By charting his development, Meyvis was able to offer something for newbies, intermediates and pros. This level of accessibility has made Thinking Poker a premium podcast.

Smart Poker Study Podcast

Sky Matsuhashi might not be an elite-level poker player but his podcast is an excellent resource for low stakes grinders. We say this because everything Sky teaches is from personal experience. He’s been there, done that and bluffed off his bankroll multiple times.

However, after devoting his time to learning the fundamentals of poker, Matsuhashi turned things around. Now, through his Smart Poker Study podcast, he gives you the valuable lessons he’s learnt. And, the great thing is that he gives them to you for free. Even though it cost him his bankroll to learn, he gives you at least two free poker strategy podcasts each month via iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Podcasts.

Poker Coaching Podcast - Jonathan Little

What do you get when you combine high-level strategy with life lessons? The Poker Coaching Podcast from Jonathan Little. A winning pro for more than a decade, Little not only offers advice on check-raising ranges and GTO but the mental and emotional aspects of poker.

If you’re looking for a poker tournament podcast or a poker podcast about cash game strategy, this is an excellent resource. Not only is there a new episode each week, Little has a unique way of making big ideas accessible. Indeed, he’s authored a number of poker strategy books. Therefore, he knows how to make complex subjects easy to understand, regardless of your skill level.

Just Hands

Jackson Laskey and Zach Resnick have been broadcasting poker strategy content in an accessible and humorous way since 2015. At this point, there are more than 195 episodes of Just Hands and, on average, there are two shows each month. Each podcast lasts around 35-40 minutes, which is just the right amount of time to unpack an important concept without overwhelming you. Good show for advanced poker advice.

What’s nice about Just Hands is, as its name suggests, hands are used as the basis for each discussion. It could be hand played by the hosts, a listener or from a high-profile match. Whatever it is, real hands provide a jumping off point from which Laskey and Resnick discuss an important topic.

The Breakdown Poker Podcast with The Poker Guys

The Poker Guys podcast provides an insightful and, sometimes, irreverent look at the latest concepts in poker. It’s hosted by Grant and Jonathan, two long-time pros that understand the way poker’s elite think. Because of that, they’re able to break down big hands and provide you with free poker tips. Just fun talking poker pros getting down to business.

For example, an episode released on April 12, 2021, recapped the now infamous fold Doug Polk made against Phil Hellmuth on High Stakes Poker. The Poker Guys dissect the hand, discuss Polk’s post-match comments and explore alternative lines.

This is regarded as one of the best poker strategy shows because you can listen via all major podcast platforms and watch a video version on YouTube. Indeed, the video podcast is particularly useful because you actually get to see the hand Grant and Jonathan are talking about.

Poker on the Mind Podcast

If you’ve only got time for one poker mindset podcast, make sure this is it. Poker on the Mind is hosted by Dr Tricia Gardner and Gareth James. The show has been running since 2017 and the duo put out, on average, three episodes each month. What’s unique about this podcast is that James provides his tournament coaching insights while Dr Gardner offers an academic perspective on peak performance.

As a psychology professor turned poker player, Dr Gardner is perfectly placed to discuss the mindset you need at the table. However, instead of presenting concepts in a purely theoretical way, she bounces off of James and uses real-life examples to hammer home her points. This fusion of theory and practice is what makes the lessons more poignant and the podcast such a valuable resource.

Chasing Poker Greatness

Chasing Poker Greatness is hosted by pro grinder Brad Wilson who aims to teach you skills that last forever. More than 165 episodes have been uploaded to all the major podcast platforms since 2019 and Wilson publishes on average 10 episodes a month. That makes him one of the most prolific podcasters. It also makes him one of the best-connected hosts in the business. From 2004 WSOP Main Event champion Greg Raymer to online sensations like JNandez and Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates, Wilson chatted to them all.

This interplay between his own tactics and those used by poker’s elite is what makes this a great show. However, the real clincher is the resources that run alongside the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast. As well as a selection of podcast highlights on the Chasing Poker Greatness website, you’ll get access to training software, poker solvers, personal coaching and a step-by-step course on how to beat weak players called Fish in a Barrel.

Poker Interviews and Lifestyle Pods

Want to know more about the top poker personalities and their lives? If so, these are for you:

  • Poker Stories Podcast: Created by veteran media outlet Card Player, this pod features long-form audio interviews with the game’s best-known personalities. You get, on average, two 60+ minute episodes each month. 
  • Rec Poker Podcast: Rec Poker is a community for recreational players, which means its weekly show is aimed novices and casuals. It’s been running since 2017 and, in August 2020, it became a twice-weekly show. This pod is a combination of interviews, theory and hand discussions. 
  • Poker Sessions: DGAF Poker Podcast: For an irreverent and humorous look at poker, this podcast is excellent. Hosted by former high stakes player and blogger DGAF, this weekly show takes a sideways, sometimes melancholic look at the game’s ups and downs. 
  • The Mouthpiece - Mike Matusow: If you’ve watched poker on TV and enjoyed one of Mike Matusow’s blow ups, this one’s for you. Hosted by the long-time pro, this show features everything from poker tips and interviews to Matusow ranting about politics and the Super Bowl. Much like the man himself, there isn’t a whole lot of consistency. On average, there are two episodes per month but they can last anywhere from 60 minutes to 120 minutes+. Matusow also hosted a touching MIke Sexton tribute on his podcast too featuring every notable name in the industry. 

Poker Podcast Awards

The Global Poker Index (GPI) was created by former Winamax and Chili Gaming founder Alex Dreyfus. He developed it as a way to rank tournament players in the same way tennis and golf federations do. From this idea he made the GPI Awards. Taking over from the European and American Poker Awards, the GPI’s annual event started in 2018. 

Today, it recognises talent in all areas of the industry, including podcasts. So far, these shows have won Poker Podcast of the Year at the European, American and, latterly, the GPI Awards:

  • 2016 - Poker Life: Joey Ingram 
  • 2017 - The Poker Central Podcast
  • 2018 - The Chip Race Podcast
  • 2019 - The Grind: Jennifer Shahade

Poker Podcast FAQs

  • Is there a poker podcast aimed at beginners?

    The Poker Coaching podcast by Jonathan Little is great for beginners, as is Smart Poker Study. For tips on live games, the old poker podcast by Bart Hanson are worth listening to.
  • Which is the best poker podcast?

    The best podcast in poker if you want a mix of strategy, interviews and news is Poker Life by Joey Ingram. This is one of the longest running shows, so it’s not only well made but crammed with content.
  • Which is the best poker learning podcast?

    DAT Poker Pod is a great learning tool because it features tips from Daniel Negreanu. However, Just Hands could be one of the most underrated ones - it provides excellent analysis using real hand examples.
  • What happened to the Upswing Poker Podcast with Doug Polk?

    This one appears to be no more. It was a poker study podcast that complimented the training site’s coaching videos. Doug Polk, Alex ‘Kanu7’ Millar, Nick Petrangelo were just three of the names dispensing valuable advice to aspiring players. It was one of the best poker content offerings out there but, at the time of writing, it wasn’t available.
  • Where can I listen to poker podcasts?

    Poker podcasts can be found all over internet on different platforms like youtube, iTunes and many others. Luckily, we have listed best poker podcasts on our site and you can listen to them right here on PokerListings.com. Check the poker podcasts above and take your pick.
  • What is PokerListings poker podcast?

    PokerListings poker podcast is online talk show about poker hosted by industry veteran Jason Glatzer. The name of the podcast is On the Road with PokerListings and it features known poker players from around the world and topics include everything about poker, expert analysis, latest news, tournaments and more.