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Avoid Ratholers and Stack It Like a Legend at Americas Cardroom

Avoid Ratholers and Stack It Like a Legend at Americas Cardroom

Americas Cardroom has an interesting take on one of the more controversial aspects of poker, namely the subject of ratholing.

When poker was depicted in the old US ‘wild west’ movies as cowboys shooting their rivals dead for cheating at the card tables in dusty saloons or Mississippi riverboats, the theme was violence but, looking at it from another angle, it points to the fact that, even in those days, there was honour in the game. Cheating, obviously, is a cardinal sin that can – and absolutely should – have potentially permanent consequences for those who are caught.

However, there are other actions and practices that are, at best, frowned upon. Slow rolling, for example, is one such.

Ratholing tends to be taken even more seriously. It is defined from a specific poker perspective as cashing out chips from a (cash) game table and subsequently rebuying with a smaller amount of chips. Despite it not yielding the ‘offender’ a meaningful advantage, it is nevertheless almost universally considered a poker sin, to the point that online poker rooms, in their endeavours to be seen as eminently ethical, try to address the practice in various ways (and many have made life more difficult for short-stackers generally by upping minimum sit-down levels at their cash tables). 

Thanks to an intriguing feature at Americas Cardroom called 7-Day No Rathole tables, those players for whom any kind of ratholing spoils the game can enjoy their poker sessions without having to worry about coming across these potentially troublesome opponents.

‘Are You Ready to Play for Stacks? Looking for Some Nosebleed Stakes Action?’

- these are the rhetorically inviting questions we’re presented with by ACR, and a perfectly good answer is ‘Yes’... Indeed, while this poker room has its fair share of attractions for tournament players, it’s great to see cash game fans afforded some serious thought, too.

How It Works

To make it possible to ‘spin up’ in spectacular fashion during the course of a week, you’re able to sit down at the special 7-Day No Rathole tables with a buy-in of just 10 Big Blinds. Ideally, you dazzle with your fearless, opportunistic aggression, and leave with a profit. However, to continue this particular quest, if you wish to return to the 7-Day No Rathole Tables you must do so with the same amount of chips that you left with, and that amount is locked in for seven days. Win in that session, and the (bigger) stack you leave with will be your tack when you next join the tables.

Once the seven days is over, you’re free to start all over again for the minimum buy-in... Stakes range from $0.10/$0.25 to a hefty $50/$100. Whatever your bankroll, Americas Cardroom offers you a great chance to dream big at the cash tables.

So, what are you waiting for? That stack won’t build itself! Check out the latest offers and bonuses and dive into the action...

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