A Premature “Nice Hand”

Level 7: 500/1,000 (1,000)
Entries: 170/243

Thomas Langeland opened for 2,200 from the button. Hafpor Sigmundsson three-bet jammed for about 15 big blinds from the big blind and Langeland called.

Hafpor Sigmundsson: K Q
Thomas Langeland: A 4

The Q 7 K flop put Sigmundsson miles ahead with top two pair.

"Nice hand," said Sigmundsson as he was ready to pay his opponent off.

However, the hand wasn't quite yet over. Langeland improved to top pair on the A turn but still needed some help. The help he needed came soon after with the 7 river pairing the board to improve Langeland to a better two pair to eliminate Sigmundsson.

Thomas Langeland - 70,000
Hafpor Sigmundsson - 0

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