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10 Remarkable Numbers from the PokerStars Sunday Million

For over seven years the PokerStars Sunday Million has been the flagship weekly online poker tournament for players across the globe.

At least $1 million is guaranteed each and every Sunday and, usually, this amount is exceeded by a mile.

Add in some special editions as part of bigger promos and festivals, like last month's $5m guaranteed event, and the numbers over the years get even more astounding.

10 Astounding Statistics from the PokerStars Sunday Million

1. Number of Sunday Millions Played: 365

The Sunday Million has been on the scene for over 7 years and in early 2014 will hit its 8th anniversary.

2. Total Number of Participants: 2.8 Million

That's roughly the number of people living in Chicago, Nevada or Kansas.

3. Number of Unique Participants: 450,000

Almost half a million different players have tried their luck so far in the largest regular online tourney. That is more people than live in Atlanta, Miami or Cleveland.

Jesper Hougaard

Jesper "KipsterDK" Hougaard: Two-time Sunday Million winner.

4. Total Prize Money: $585 Million

That's enough to buy 360 Bugatti Veyrons – more than ever produced and sold worldwide.

5. Two-Time Winners: 5

(WhatArunAA, Diegoaiz, KipsterDK, kevsteele, vietcong01)

Quite surprisingly only five players have managed to acquire two victories in this tournament. The fastest two-time champ is Kevin "kevsteele" Steele who got his two victories in under four months.

The most recent two-time champ is T.J. "WhatArunAA" Slifka, who secured his 2nd win on December 29, 2013.

6. Winning Countries: 52

More than a quarter of all countries on the planet have produced a winner so far and almost every European country is among them.

7. Best Performing Countries: US – 79 Wins, Canada – 42, UK – 30

Despite PokerStars not offering its services in the US since Black Friday in 2011 US players still have a very comfortable lead in this race.

Canadians are catching up, though - but mostly due to the fact that many US tournament grinders relocated there after 2011.

8. Highest Single Prize Pool: $12.4 Million

(December 2011, 10th anniversary special)

The winner of this enormous event: First-Eagle. For finishing first he received over $1.1 million – enough to buy 10 ordinary Porsches.

9. Number of Cashes: 408,000 (152,000 unique)

Show me the money!

Average cash: $1,200.

Over 400,000 players have made at least a min-cash in a Sunday Million.

On average a cash is worth $1,200 – not too shabby for 5-8 hours of poker.

10. Total Rake: $42 Million

PokerStars charges $15 for each entry, which is a fair deal given the buy-in of $200.

But with so many players each weekend they make over $115k per tournament. After so many years this adds up to more than $40 million.

To get in on the action, sign up for a PokerStars account via our review page and get a free ticket to our next exclusive Sunday Million satellite.

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