WCOOP Day 19: Timex Takes 4th, Big Day for Bulgaria

Mike McDonald, Andreas Gulunay
Mike "Timex" McDonald

It paid to be Bulgarian on Day 19 of the 2012 World Championship of Online Poker.

Ned_bg and Darreta, both playing from Bulgaria, took down bracelets on what was easily the biggest day for the country in the history of WCOOP.

Before yesterday there was only one WCOOP winner from Bulgaria all time.

As far as the pros went Mike “Timex” McDonald made the most notable score coming in fourth in the No-Limit Hold’em [Big Antes] event.

We’re nearing the conclusion of the 2012 WCOOP with the massive $5 million-guaranteed Main Event scheduled for this weekend.

George Danzer will have the last three days to try and close the POY gap on Mikal12345. Danzer is currently trailing by 55 points despite having 14 cashes and a $69k-victory in Event 10.

Here’s a recap of all the action on Day 19 of the 2012 PokerStars WCOOP:

Randy Lew
Deep run for Nanonoko.

Event 52 $215 No-Limit Hold’em [Big Antes]

Finland’s jobetzu outlasted Canadian pro Mike “Timex” McDonald to take the $69,248 first-place prize in Event 52.

The event drew a total of 2,164 players to offer a prize pool of $432,800.

The two-day tournament saw numerous Team PokerStars Pros make it into the money including George Danzer, Sandra Naujoks and Marcin “Goral” Horecki but it was Vanessa Rousso who took top honors.

The Go Daddy girl spent time as the chip leader before finally falling in 42nd place. Team Online’s Randy Lew made it to 31st place.

Former EPT Dortmund winner Mike “Timex” McDonald entered the final table as the chip leader with a monster 3.3 million-chip stack.

McDonald has won at nearly every level of poker he’s ever played but is still lacking a WCOOP title.

Alas it was not to be for McDonald in Event 52 as he eventually finished in fourth place when he shoved with pocket nines and got called by pocket jacks. He picked up $26k for his efforts.

Here’s a complete look at the final-table results:

  • 1st place: jobetzu (Finland) - $69,248.00
  • 2nd place: capoch (Sweden) - $51,936.00
  • 3rd place: Syndrome1977 (Germany) - $38,952.00
  • 4th place: Timex (Canada) - $26,833.60
  • 5th place: soumi7 (UK) - $19,476.00
  • 6th place: jonasbeat (South Korea) - $15,148.00
  • 7th place: Glucks (Germany) - $10,820.00
  • 8th place: KeyserMM (Germany) - $7,357.60
  • 9th place: hitthehole (UK) - $4,111.60

Event 54 $320 No-Limit Hold’em

Ned_bg beat 1,594 players to become just the second player from Bulgaria to win a WCOOP title yesterday.

The $320 No-Limit Hold’em event had $478,200 up for grabs with 216 players getting paid.

The Team PokerStars Pros were shut out in the event, however, as Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier’s 278th place finish was the farthest that any PokerStars pro would make it.

It took over 11 hours to set the final table and when the final nine were reached nanu mare had the overall chip lead with 1.5 million chips but Ned_bg was close behind with 1.4 million.

It would actually be Ned_bg who would bust nanu mare in fourth place when he flopped an ace-high flush to nanu mare’s king-high flush.

Ned_bg went on to enter heads-up play with a slight chip disadvantage to Gry Dilling but quickly battled back and won the tournament with pocket tens to Gry Dilling’s flush draw.

Here’s a look at the final-table payouts (*reflects a three-way deal):

  • 1st place: Ned_bg (Bulgaria) - $66,453.88*
  • 2nd place: Gry Dilling (Denmark) - $55,371.09*
  • 3rd place: zwuerbs (Germany) - $57,045.74*
  • 4th place: nanu mare (Romania) - $32,039.40
  • 5th place: chiconogue (Brazil) - $22,714.50
  • 6th place: Gerritss (Netherlands) - $17,932.50
  • 7th place: nemmad (Netherlands) - $13,150.50
  • 8th place: jimbojiff (UK) - $8,368.50
  • 9th place: VandOgSalt (Denmark) - $4,782.00
Jose Barbero
Jose Barbero made the final three tables.

Event 55 $530+R No-Limit Hold’em

Canadian online player youaremelon beat a final table lacking any big names to take down a massive $199k score in Event 55.

A total of 744 players entered Event 55 and once 818 re-buys and 615 add-ons were included in the mix the prize pool jumped to $1.08 million.

Eighteen Team PokerStars Pros got in on the action and Johnny Lodden, Andre Coimbra and Daniel Negreanu all made the money.

Eugene Katchalov, who’s already had a pretty outstanding WCOOP, recorded yet another cash by coming in 31st place.

Argentinian Jose Barbero had the deepest run of all the Team PokerStars pros, however, as he finished in 23rd place for $5.4k.

With Barbero gone, the remaining players quickly reached a final table of nine with hitthehole as the overall chip leader with 2.5 million.

Once again the chip leader only made it to fourth place. Instead youaremelon took control and entered heads-up against GabrialMoyaa with a massive 10.5 million to 1.8 million-chip lead.

Youaremelon would never give up the chip lead and busted GabrialMoyaa with ace-nine over pocket threes.

Here are the final-table payouts:

  • 1st: youaremelon -- $199,739.75
  • 2nd: GabrielMoyaa -- $142,593.50
  • 3rd: linnna (Sweden) -- $107,761.50
  • 4th: hitthehole (United Kingdom) -- $81,093.25
  • 5th: pezler06 (United Kingdom) -- $56,602.00
  • 6th: m3Dyyy (Romania) -- $45,717.00
  • 7th: UhhMee (Canada)-- $34,832.00
  • 8th: sms9231 (Canada) -- $23,947.00
  • 9th: Olorionek (Poland) -- $14,150.50
Daniel Negreanu
Cash for Daniel Negreanu

Event 56 $2,100 PLO 6-Max

The high-roller $2,100 PLO 6-Max event drew 519 players to create a prize pool with over $1 million up for grabs.

Jose Barbero, Jonathan Duhamel, Ville Wahlbeck, Eugene Katchalov, Ana Marquez, Andre Akkari and George Danzer were among the many pros who got in on the action but Daniel Negreanu was the sole Team PokerStars Pro who cashed.

Negreanu eventually crashed in 37th place to take down $5,709 for his efforts.

Brock “t soprano” Parker, Kyle Julius and wizowizo all made deep runs in the tournament but the final table was not very name-heavy outside of cash game killer miki696.

In the end Darreta became the second player from Bulgaria to win a WCOOP bracelet on Day 19 of the series.

Not bad considering there was only one Bulgarian WCOOP winner before yesterday.

Here are the final-table payouts:

  • 1st Darreta (Bulgaria) - $154,181.52*
  • 2nd DonkPredator (Norway) - $145,000.71*
  • 3rd Durian (Finland) - $149,752.77*
  • 4th mikki696 (Austria) - $72,660
  • 5th saphire1 (United Kingdom) - $51,900
  • 6th brianm15 (Costa Rica) - $33,216

WCOOP Events Starting Today

11:00 ET – WCOOP-57 $530 No-limit Hold’em [1R1A]

  • $530 buy-in $600,000 guaranteed

14:00 ET – WCOOP-58 $1,050 Limit Hold’em [6-Max]

  • $1,050 buy-in $150,000 guaranteed

17:00 ET – WCOOP-59 $215 No-Limit Omaha-8

  • $215 buy-in $100,000 guaranteed

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