(Video) Step-by-Step Guide to Go from Hold'em to PLO

How Not to Suck at PLO Ep 1
Stop sucking and start winning at PLO.

PokerListings kicks off its latest beginner strategy video series by showing you how to stop sucking and start winning at PLO.

The new series, How Not to Suck at PLO, is a spin-off of the popular beginner strategy video series How Not to Suck at Poker.

Hosted by PokerListings.com Editor in Chief Matt Showell, the new PLO series starts by using your experience in Texas Hold'em to explain Pot-Limit Omaha basics and will expand on more advanced PLO strategy over four more episodes.

In the first video you'll learn why having four hole cards means you'll generally need a bigger hand to win big pots than you're used to in Hold'em, how to use exactly two of your hole cards to make a hand and how to figure out the more complicated draws you'll encounter in PLO.

The video also explains how pot-limit games work and shows you a powerful trick for how to calculate pot-sized bets and raises quickly and easily.

Hold'em Skills Very Transferable to PLO

The truth is, if you have experience playing No-Limit Hold'em, you've got a huge headstart to becoming a successful Pot-Limit Omaha player.

Many of the concepts are the same, but if you don't understand the key differences you could get into trouble jumping into a game of PLO and treating it just like a game of Hold'em.

Watch episode 1 of How Not to Suck at PLO and stay tuned for the rest of the series coming to PokerListings.com's video strategy section soon.

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