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Unbeatable Holdem Strategy with PokerCoach

PokerListings has teamed up with PokerSnowie -- the world's top No Limit Hold'em AI software developed around Game Theory Optimal (GTO) -- to provide PokerListings readers with the opportunity to try out the PokerCoach training application.

Why use Game Theory Optimal? It's simple. GTO play will show a long-term profit against any type of opponent. And perfect GTO strategy has no counter-strategy --  meaning you're guaranteed to be a winning player in the long run.


What is PokerCoach?

PokerCoach is a poker learning tool based on the 'perfect gameplay' approach of the PokerSnowie software.

Developed with sophisticated learning algorithms, PokerSnowie is a Texas Hold'em AI player trained by playing trillions of hands against itself and finding the closest solution to game theory possible in each situation.

PokerCoach is the learning tool synched with that massive, optimized database of Hold'em scenarios. 

All you need to do as a PokerCoach user is upload your hand histories into the software and you’ll get an in-depth look at your No-Limit Hold'em cash-game from an optimal game-play perspective.

You'll get an instant rating of your play, a specific list of errors you’ve made that veer away from optimal play and specific fixes for each and every situation.

What PokerCoach offers the competent player is a step closer to the perfect “unexploitable" strategy for No-Limit Hold’em poker.

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Who Recommends PokerCoach?

Having shipped its demo version of PokerCoach out to dozens of top pros and had it micro-analyzed by some of the top coaches in the world, over 25,000 players ended up having a go at the PokerCoach AI.

Over 90% said they would keep using it and dozens of testimonials came in from players saying PokerCoach is exactly the kind of poker tool they were waiting for.

Maybe the most striking example of success is Zeljko Krizan. In March 2012, Zeljko had never played a hand of poker in his life. He answered an ad and was recruited to test PokerSnowie's PokerCoach and PokerTrainer products.

In September 2012, Zeljko placed 5th at WPT Malta. Today he's on track to make Supernova Elite level on PokerStars.

What Does PokerCoach Offer

  • Hand History Analysis - Offers detailed stats on your gameplay plus optimal game theory advice
  • Pinpoints Errors - Identifies specific errors you've made and shows exactly where to strengthen your game
  • Measurable Ways to Improve - Ranks your play with specific measures such as error rate and equity loss
  • Situational Analysis - GTO advice on a move-by-move basis

Even More Reasons to Try PokerCoach

  • PokerSnowie's software is the first to successfully teach GTO in deep-stack multi-player No-Limit Holdem
  • PokerCoach's error-cost analysis shows you exactly how far away from optimal your play is
  • Knowing what optimal play looks like, even if you don't use it, lets you to better balance your exploitive plays
  • Gives you a toolbox of “standard” lines that are superior to your opponent's
  • Improving your core game doesn't just mean more money. It means more time, more focus and less effort expended per decision
  • Learning to think about optimal play and proper balance also helps you maximally exploit your opponents
  • Learn to play as well as it's theoretically possible to play regardless of your opponent's skill or the stakes

Wait no longer and download PokerCoach right here. It will make you a winning player!