Talal 'raidalot' Shakerchi Wins SCOOP-H Main Event for $1.4 Million

Talal Shakerchi

When most poker players get to the final table of a major online main event, with a couple of million dollars on the line, they immediately think 'make a deal.'

Not Talal 'radialot' Shakerchi.

Already independently wealthy thanks to an impressive career in finance, Shakerchi has added a serious poker habit over the last few years and become quite a tournament closer.

Combine those two elements and he's more than happy to play things out rather than cut a deal, and that's exactly what happened at the final table of the SCOOP-H $10k Main Event today.

Coming into the final table as the chip leader Shakerchi went wire-to-wire and pulled off one of his most impressive scores yet with an outright win for $1,468,000.

Outlasting aces John "LuckBox" Juanda and Scott "gunning4you" Seiver before finally defeating Sean "Nolez7" Winter heads-up, Shakerchi now owns one of the most sought after titles in poker.

raidalot's Resume Grows

With past wins at $10K tournaments at the EPT8 Grand Final in Monaco and at EPT9 London, plus regular appearances in the planet's biggest cash games, Shakerchi had more than proven himself live.

Scott Seiver
Another big number for Seiver.

Looking at his results from the 2016 SCOOP, he's clearly turned himself into an equal force online.

Cashing 36 times with five final tables, the Main Event win was actually his 3rd career SCOOP title, although by far his biggest.

Making things even tougher were the presence of veritable legends Seiver and Juanda, but Shakerchi never flinched even when Seiver creeped up to second.

Beginning heads-up against Winter with a 2-1 edge it only took four hands to wrap things up when both players rivered a flush but Shakerchi's was the nuts.

Winter, who's been on a solid tear of his own for the past couple of years, earned over $1m for second. For a full recap of all the final-table action, check the PokerStars blog.

SCOOP-54-H ($10,000 NL Hold'em Main Event) results
Entrants: 824 
Prize pool: $8,000,001.76 
Places paid: 99 

1. Talal "raidalot" Shakerchi (United Kingdom) $1,468,000.88
2. Sean "Nolez7" Winter (Romania) $1,048,000.23
3. s0nny_bLacCk (Thailand) $792,000.17
4. Scott "gunning4you" Seiver (Canada) $596,000.13
5. Markku "markovitsus" Koplimaa (Estonia) $416,000.09
6. Pablo "pablotenisis" Fernandez (Mexico) $336,000.07
7. Luckbox (Japan) $256,000.05
8. IReadB00ks (Denmark) $176,000.03
9. EvnomiYa (Russia) $104,000.02

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