Subdued Roger Teska Final Tables $3K No-Limit Hold'em at WSOP

Roger Teska 2
Roger Teska

Roger Teska was significantly more restrained on Saturday than the last time he was at a feature table.

In 2014, Teska started the poker year off with a splash many poker fans still remember vividly.

Teska finished 20th in that year’s PCA main event but he didn’t make many friends in the process.

Teska spent most of that tournament with a Bloody Mary in hand and was given a few penalties for his drunken antics.

Teska had the chip lead and was on the feature table for some time but eventually fell in 20th.

He made an impact in similar fashion in 2013, building another big stack in the PCA Main Event before angering tournament staff and losing his seat at the feature table for similar antics.

Teska's Resurgence

Teska’s PCA cashes are a quadrennial event like World Cups and presidential elections. His first was in 2006 and then he scored another in 2010. His last was in 2014.

After his 2010 PCA Teska went on to cash four times in the 2010 WSOP. He then scored his biggest tournament cash in 2011 when he finished 4th in the $25,000 WPT Championship for $371,665.

After that, Teska didn’t score another cash until this year’s Colossus II, where he finished 1,313th. Then Teska finished 8th in the $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em yesterday and won $54,190.

Teska, who was playing at the main feature table, was far more subdued and occupied his hands with a phone rather than a drink.

“I had a couple of benders and I woke up hungover,” Teska said.

Roger Teska

“I wasn't drinking in this tournament so I just continued not drinking.”

Teska says he’s never watched footage from the 2014 PCA so it really hasn’t changed the way he plays.

“I normally still drink and play,” Teska said.

Too Long to Not Drink

As for his relative absence from the tournament scene, Teska says he’s mostly been focusing on cash games.

He also runs a few small businesses and manages some investments in Los Angeles.

His drinking, he says, is still an aspect of his game he chooses to take advantage of.

“People play against me differently when I’m drinking,” Teska said.

“I know I probably make some mistakes when I’m drunk too, but I’m used to being drunk so there are mistakes I know I’m going to make and try to avoid them.”

Teska will want to avoid as many mistakes as possible in the fields he plans on facing.

While Teska will focus on cash games for the rest of the summer, he says he’ll probably play the $25,000 Pot-Limit Omaha and the $10,000 Main Event.

“I’ll probably drink at some point during the Main Event,” Teska said. “It’s way too long to go without a drink. For sure.”

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