Spectacular Hands Mark Day 4 at PCA Main Event; Stacked 19 Left

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Martin McCormick marks his legacy.

The PCA Main Event is the kickoff event to the poker year and has always started things off with plenty of memorable moments.

2016 is no exception to the rule.

A spectacular Day 4 of play yesterday ended with a stacked field of 19 players remaining highlighted by growing German legend Fedor Holz, Brits Stephen Chidwick and Toby Lewis, former champ Tony Gregg and stalwart pros Matt Waxman, Mike Watson, Ami Barer and Taylor Paur.

All are chasing chip leader Leonardo Pires, who's held course at the top of the chip counts for three days now.

Peppered in among the big names fighting for the $833,260 top prize are plenty of intriguing ones in their own right including Scottish wildcard Martin McCormick and the UK's Phillip McAllister, who were involved in two of the most scintillating hands in PCA history.

McCormick Bosses, McAllister Royals

The PCA main event has provided us with dozens of spectacular hands over the years but McCormick added one of the best to the pantheon yesterday.

Tangling in a big hand with pro Toby Lewis near the hand of the day McCormick talked Lewis into a huge fold he'll likely be shaking his head at for years to come.

Watch the hand with commentary from Jason Somerville and Randy Lew:

Lewis did, however, double up again late in the day to head into Day 5 with a reasonable stack.

The hand came on the heels on what was the then-hand-of-the-tournament when McAllister, already the big stack at the table, hit a runner-runner royal flush to erase France's Paul Tedeschi from the field. Read about both hands in full over in the PokerStars live updates.

Playdown to the final eight resumes today with plenty of coverage on the PokerStars live stream and via Twitch. The remaining players and chip counts:

Leonardo Pires (Brazil) 4560000
Randy Kritzer (USA) 2385000
Fabian Ortiz (Argentina) 2309000
Timothy Ulmer (USA) 2200000
Phillip McAllister (UK) 2152000
David Eldridge (USA) 2100000
Stephen Chidwick (UK) 1728000
Toby Lewis (UK) 1396000
Vasken Demlakian (Australia) 1394000
Matthew Waxman (USA) 1228000
Tony Gregg (USA) 1089000
Martin McCormick (UK) 1007000
Mike Watson (Canada) 952000
Paul Gooley (Australia) 705000
Ami Barer (Canada) 679000
Vladimir Troyanovskiy (Russia) 612000
Fabian Chauriye (Chile) 513000
Fedor Holz (Germany) 453000
Taylor Paur (USA) 404000

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