Safety concerns force Hachem family to move

Joseph Hachem

Joseph Hachem has discovered that fame and fortune can come with a big price. After receiving threatening phone calls and letters, he and his family have moved from their Melbourne, Australia, home.

Since his win of the 2005 Joseph Hachem said he's received a number of threats, though nothing really bad.

Out of concern that his previous address was public knowledge, he decided it was time for him and his family to move to a different part of Melbourne.

Hachem splits his time between Melbourne and Las Vegas when he's not traveling the globe participating in various poker tournaments. His family often accompanies him as well during his travels.

Hachem talked about his decision to move while speaking before the final of the European Poker Tour event in Monte Carlo.

He described winning the World Series as "life changing" but didn't expect it to have the large impact that it did.

"I just thought I'd be world champion, get a nice endorsement and go back to my normal life," Hachem said. "Bulls--t, there's nothing normal about my life these days."

While he had wanted to maintain a normal, suburban life in Melbourne, he wasn't willing to gamble with his family's safety. The best way to secure their safety was to make the move.

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