Rec Players In, High-Volume Players Out in PokerStars New Rewards Program

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PokerStars is once again tweaking its rewards program with an eye towards recreational players.

The company already announced it was designing a new program in September but Severin Rasset, PokerStars Director of Poker Operations, detailed some of the changes today.

The main focus of the new program will be a shift from volume-based rewards that span months to shorter-term rewards that will provide instant gratification.

PokerStars already incorporated some of those recreational player focused changes last year with VIP Steps but more are coming, according to Rasset.

Crossplay with Casino, Sports Sites

The new rewards program will work seamlessly across PokerStars’ poker, sports betting and casino products.

That means casino players can use the various StarsCoins they’ve accrued on poker and vice versa.

The old monthly volume-based rewards plan, made famous by the fabled SuperNova Elite status, will be retired completely.

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PokerStars ambassador Daniel Negreanu

The majority of players on the site won’t be affected by the changes but extremely high-volume players could have their potential rewards reduced by as much as 80-85% (based on rakeback).

Meanwhile the new program will still reward players for volume but there will be a number of other factors taken into consideration including stakes, frequency of play and net deposits.

The new system will also incorporate “gamification” with rewards for small achievements but the exact details are still being hammered out.

In addition the new loyalty program will feature random rewards at various points. The random rewards will usually be small but sometimes players will reap huge rewards, similar to a Spin & Go.

Earlier this week PokerStars sent direct emails to high-volume players to help communicate the change and avoid the issues that came with axing Super Nova Elite in 2015.

Details about the new loyalty program will be released over the next few months with plans to roll out the program first in Denmark in May and then the rest of the world by summer.

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