Rainman751 Takes First $1m Spin & Go Win of 2016 in 4 Hands


As any poker player knows, when your poker stars are aligned you can do no wrong.

All your bluffs get through. All your hero calls are right. And when you need it most, a big hand falls in your lap.

That's the way things worked out for Russian player Rainman751 who found his stars aligned in two pretty memorable ways over the weekend.

First, his $100 Spin & Go on PokerStars turned into a $1m Spin & Go when the wheel spun him out on a jackpot table.

Second, his first hand at the table he was dealt AA.

pocket kings
Kings will do.

"I Ran Good"

After taking down a solid pot with his AA Rainman got hit with the deck again in hand three.

This time he looked down at KK and, even better, his opponent pablotenisis found TT. The kings held and Rainman was one hand away from $1m.

It couldn't have come any quicker as he hit two pair on the turn of Hand #4 to take the edge over Kman_AP2's flopped top pair.

The river changed nothing and that was all she wrote - Rainman751 was the first $1m Spin & Go winner of 2016.

Runners-up Kman_AP2 from Canada and pablotenisis from Mexico each took home $100,000.

Rainman751 is the ninth $1m Spin & Go winner since October of last year. Read the full story over on the PokerStars blog.

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