PokerStars Shuttering Heads-Up Ring Games to Protect Players

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PokerStars is closing its regular heads-up ring games in order to protect players from “predatory” behavior.

The change goes into effect this Friday (Feb. 12) and will mean that No-Limit Hold’em, Limit Hold’em and PLO heads-up games will go offline.

PokerStars announced the change to players through an email and explained the change was, “…part of our commitment to reducing predatory behavior and improving the recreational player experience.

PokerStars Adding HU Zoom Tables

HU will survive in the form of Zoom Poker, however, and PokerStars has actually added Zoom No-Limit Hold’em Cap games at stakes of up to $25/$50.

Dan Cates
No more "durrrr Challenge" at least on PokerStars.

It is, of course, impossible to employ traditional table selection strategies when playing Zoom thanks to being transported to a new table every hand.

The former NLHE, Limit Hold’em and PLO games will all be replaced with Zoom pools.

The switch is not exactly unheralded. Full Tilt Poker dropped table selection and heads-up games in July of 2015.

As a side effect that means that PokerStars will no longer be home to the biggest online HU games in the world and the days of Tom Dwan taking on Dan Cates in special events like the “durrrr challenge” are effectively over.

There will still be some big heads-up battles in the regular 6-Max high-stakes games but that means anyone can join in at any time.

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