PokerStars Rolls Out Bubble Rush MTTs with Fast/Slow Structure

Bubble Rush PokerStars
A PokerStars Bubble Rush tournament in progress.

Love making the money in poker tournaments but can’t stand the time in takes to get there?

PokerStars might have the solution for you.

The online poker giant launched a new format called “Bubble Rush Tournaments” this week.

The first portion of the event features a turbo-charged structure with blinds that increase every three minutes.

As soon as the money bubble bursts, action slows down and the game becomes a little more strategic. Buy-ins range from $.55 to $33 during the week and up to $109 on the weekend.

Essentially players will spend a lot less time waiting to get into the money.

Bubble Rush the Latest in Stars’ Experiments

PokerStars has been very busy with rolling out new formats over the last few years with varying degrees of success.

Here's a look at several of the new formats:

ko poker table
KO Poker on PokerStars

Knockout Poker

Essentially an bounty-style MTT tournament, Knockout Poker events split the prize pool down the middle with half going towards the overall prize pool while the other half distributed to players for every opponent they knock out of the tournament.

Spin & Go

The controversial jackpot-based three-person hyper Sit & Go gives amateurs an extra advantage thanks to the increased variable payouts. Recently ‘Stars launched Spin & Go on Holiday where the winner receives a $5k getaway package.


The upcoming Mini-WCOOP marks the first time that PokerStars has run a standalone version of the famous World Championship of Online Poker with buy-ins that are amenable to small stakes grinders.

PokerStars Duel

This now defunct real-money app would have focused on entirely on heads-up play. The game was asynchronous meaning players could play one hand and then move on to a different game while waiting for their opponent to respond. The app was not commercially viable, according to PokerStars, and was never released on a wide scale.

For more information about the site or to sign up for an account to try the new Bubble Rush Tournaments you should head over to our PokerStars review.

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