PokerStars qualifier wins EPT Copenhagen

Tim Vance
PokerStars qualifier Tim Vance wins EPT Scandinavian Open.

The European Poker Tour has seen many history-making moments during its lifetime, but over the weekend it chalked up another record-breaking event as PokerStars qualifier Tim Vance took down the Scandinavian Open.

To get to his win, Vance came up against Soren Jensen as they waged a four-and-a-half-hour heads-up battle, the longest in EPT history, to come up with a winner. For the win, Vance takes home 6,220,488 DKK (approximately $1,236,584 USD).

Vance's road to the final table was a bit of a roller-coaster as he finished Day 1 with only 11,000 in chips. But he made it into Day 2, then survived to Day 3 and finally ended up arriving at the final table with the chip lead.

The final table started with the following players:

Seat Name Country Chip Count
Seat 1 Rasmus Hede Nielsen Denmark 789,000
Seat 2 Timothy Vance United States 1,408,000
Seat 3 Daniel Ryan United States 557,000
Seat 4 Patrik Andersson Sweden 283,000
Seat 5 Simon Dorslund Denmark 267,000
Seat 6 Nicolas Dervaux France 336,000
Seat 7 Soren Jensen Denmark 500,000
Seat 8 Magnus Hansen Denmark 458,000

First out was Patrik Andersson, who pushed all-in behind a button raise from Daniel Ryan, who had also won his seat in the tournament at PokerStars. Ryan called, showing A-5 to Andersson's K-6. A five on the flop was all it took to seal the hand for Ryan and Andersson headed to the rail.

It was almost two and a half hours later before another player was eliminated. Taking the seventh-place spot was Simon Dorslund. After Vance had raised, Dorslund pushed from the small blind.

Vance called with A-K versus Dorslund's A-8. The board bricked out and Dorslund was sent packing.

Nicolas Dervaux was out next as he moved all-in with J-5 and got a call from Jenson, who was holding A-7. Dervaux was looking good after a jack hit the flop, but an ace on the turn gave Jenson the win.

After the dinner break Ryan made his final move as well. He was forced to make a move with A-Q and was called by Rasmus Nielsen who was holding A-K. The big slick was enough to take out the PokerStars qualifier.

Despite raking in Ryan's chips, Nielsen was the next to bow out of the final table. He ended up calling an all-in after a flop of 9-7-J rainbow from Vance. It turned out his pocket eights put him ahead of Vance's A-Q.

A jack on the turn paired the board, and Vance was left calling on a little luck to win the hand. Luck came through for him, bringing an ace on the river to win the hand.

Soren then took a turn busting a player to bring the game to heads-up. On a flop of T-4-9, Magnus Hansen raised and saw Soren move all-in.

Magnus made the call and Soren showed 9-4 for two pair, while Hansen showed T-6 for a pair of tens. The turn gave Hansen a flush draw possibility, but it didn't materialize on the river.

Then Soren and Vance locked horns for the heads-up battle. Four and a half hours later it came down to Vance's A-T of spades that gave him the nut flush and the win.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Prize
1st Tim Vance 6,220,488 DKK
2nd Soren Jensen 3,521,429 DKK
3rd Magnus Hansen 2,045,381 DKK
4th Rasmus Nielsen 1,560,394 DKK
5th Daniel Ryan 1,286,270 DKK
6th Nicolas Dervaux 1,012,147 DKK
7th Simon Dorslund 801,283 DKK
8th Patrik Andersson 569,333 DKK

For more details from the final table and the other days of the EPT Copenhagen event, visit the Live Tournament section.

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