PokerStars Cancels Rake Increase, Reverts to Old Rates


PokerStars has decided to roll back the November rake increase that led to a minor uproar in the hardcore poker community.

In most cases rake in cash games and tournament fees will go back to pre-November 3 levels with a few exceptions.

Spin & Go tournament fees and the payout changes that were implemented on November 3 will remain the same.

The November rake increase was relatively minor but definitely affected heads-up players as well as high-stakes and Sit & Go grinders.

Hollreiser: 'We're Not Afraid to Listen to Feedback'

PokerStars Head of Corporate Communications Eric Hollreiser.

In addition to rolling back the rake hike, PokerStars has no plans to increase rake in 2015 for most jurisdictions.

“We will not increase any rake in 2015 other than in jurisdictions where we have already or will experience increased gaming duty or VAT,” explained PokerStars Head of Corporate Communications Eric Hollreiser.

Hollreiser went on to say that because more and more countries are introducing taxation it will have an effect on both the company and players, however.

“We may introduce small rake and tournament increases in the second half of the year for players in countries that impose VAT or gaming duty charges for play on our site,” he said.

Hollreiser didn’t directly say if PokerStars was rolling back the rake increase because of criticism from players.

“Rake changes have a complex impact on the poker economy,” he said.

“We always strive to make changes that ‘get it right’ and we're not afraid to make adjustments based upon feedback and new analysis. We continue to pride ourselves on offering what we believe to be the best online poker experience at the lowest price."

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