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Poker Tips from Pros: Jonathan Little Makes Basic Poker Math Easy

I never cared for Math when I was in school.

26 January 2015 1

Why Poker HUDs are Overvalued by Poker Players

PokerTracker Director Steve McLoughlin explains the true value of hand-tracking software and why heads-up displays...

02 December 2013

How to Calculate Pot Odds and Equity: Equity

As we mentioned in part one, the ability to calculate pot odds will only get...

28 December 2008 18

Imagined Money Part 2: G-Bucks

Phil Galfond (known online by the handle OMGClayAiken) took the Sklansky dollars concept and built...

06 December 2008 8

Imagined Money Part 1: Sklansky Dollars

Some ideas and poker theories help your game while you're playing, while others help you...

01 December 2008 14

Reverse Implied Odds Explained

When you're facing a bet on the flop, calling does not mean the end of...

26 November 2008 4

The Turn: Pot Odds for Fourth Street

Players who rely on memorized Hold'em odds and outs, rather than knowing where the numbers...

10 November 2008 14

Odd Talk: Understanding "Pot-Committed"

Judging by how often I hear people misuse the terms "pot odds" and "pot-committed," many...

14 April 2008 2