Proper Behavior at the Table



Management will attempt to maintain a pleasant environment for all our customers and employees, but is not responsible for the conduct of any player. We have established a code of conduct, and may deny the use of our cardroom to anyone who violates it. The following is not permitted:

Collusion with another player or any other form of cheating.

Verbally or physically threatening any patron or employee.

Using profanity or obscene language.

Creating a disturbance by arguing, shouting or making excessive noise.

Throwing, tearing, bending or crumpling cards.

Destroying or defacing property.

Using an illegal substance.

Carrying a weapon.


The following actions are improper, and grounds for warning, suspending or barring a violator:

Deliberately acting out of turn.

Deliberately splashing chips into the pot.

Agreeing to check a hand out when a third player is all-in.

Reading a hand for another player at the showdown before it has been placed face up on the table.

Telling anyone to turn a hand face up at the showdown.

Revealing the contents of a live hand in a multi-handed pot before the betting is complete.

Needlessly stalling the action of a game.

Deliberately discarding hands away from the muck. Cards should be released in a low line of flight, at a moderate rate of speed (not at the dealer's hands or chip rack).

Stacking chips in a manner that interferes with dealing or viewing cards.

Making statements or taking action that could unfairly influence the course of play, whether or not the offender is involved in the pot.


(These rules are for an establishment that does not completely bar smoking.)

The seat on each side of the dealer is a nonsmoking seat.

Cigar or pipe smoking is not allowed in the cardroom.

Smoking by a guest or spectator is not allowed.

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Yag 2011-08-12 06:41:24

i have a question: If you are not in the hand as you have folded a pre-raise, and the player next to you, out of his/her own will shows you their cards and asks you your opinion/advise to play/call or fold, is this allowed? is the folded player who has been asked their opinion by the playing player allowed to give their opinion?

Sean Lind 2009-01-20 17:31:00


Unless there's some strange house rule that differs:

If the opponent mucks before the showdown (after all betting on the river has finished), you never have to show your hand to take the pot.

If the opponent mucks their hand after all betting has finished technically they can request to see your hand, but once their hand is mucked, the pot is yours, regardless of what you hold, or who sees it. Only a live hand can win a pot, and once they muck, you hold the only live hand.

Tara Briggeman 2009-01-19 04:58:00

If your opponent in heads up play, concedes the hand to you by mucking his cards, do you have to show your hand to win the pot?