Poker Quiz

Just how well do you know your odds of winning against specific hands pre-flop?

How about the rules for making the best-hand in lesser known poker variations? What about your chances of getting dealt a pocket pair or suited cards?

Test your poker knowledge in our quick-and-easy Poker Quiz!

As an added twist you can test your betting acumen at the same time. In our Poker Quiz you get to see the question first then decide how much you want to bet.

You start out with a bankroll of $10 and you can bet anywhere from $1-$10 per question. A perfect score is $150.

See if you've got what it takes below!


Unhappy with your score? Take the test as many times as you like until you have it dialed in.

If you hit a perfect score off the top you might be ready to drop a few bucks online and give your opponents trouble.

Check our other Poker Tools for more practice and see our list of the Best Poker Sites to get started.

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