Lederer Returns to Tournament Poker in Bellagio $10k

Howard Lederer
Poker pariah returns.

In a bold move that has the poker world buzzing, Howard Lederer made his return to tournament poker tonight at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Currently on his second buy-in and still alive in the Festa al Lago $10k, Lederer seems to have escaped any dramatic confrontations to this point.

The Twittersphere however, as expected, is up in arms.

Several players have commented on Lederer's presence and the atmosphere in the room.

Most are simply shocked he'd appear in a room of poker players before Full Tilt accounts have been repaid.

Lederer has been playing in Bobby's Room at the Bellagio over the last couple of weeks but had yet to expose himelf so prominently to the general poker public.

A small measure of justice was meted out as one of the first people to draw a seat beside him, Anthony Gregg, went on to bust Lederer's first bullet.

The tension in the room, however, is still palpable:

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