Learn to Semi-Bluff in Latest “Poker Power Moves” Video

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Not sure if you want to bluff or chase a draw?

How about a little bit of both.

The latest installment of PokerListings.com’s intermediate strategy poker series “Poker Power Moves” breaks down exactly how to semi-bluff your opponent.

Even the best players in the world generally try tend to avoid naked bluffs, which means they rely on the semi-bluff when they need to get tricky.

The idea behind a semi-bluff is simple: you’re bluffing with a hand that has some potential.

When you bet with a drawing hand the idea is that even if your opponent calls you can still win the hand.

There are three major benefits to this line of play:

#1 You Have Two Ways to Win

Of course you’ll win the pot if your opponent chooses to fold but you can also win if you hit your draw.

#2 Semi-Bluffing Balances Your Range

This means that your opponent won’t be able to always put you on a big hand when you raise. In other words they might call you the next time you have a monster like pocket aces or kings.

#3 You Have the Potential to Win Bigger Pots

If you do make your hand you’ll win an even bigger pot because you opted to raise instead of just call.

Think about all this the next time you want to pull off a big bluff with 2-7 and suddenly that drawing 9-8 suited started to look a lot better.

Check out the video below to learn how to semi-bluff in just two and a half minutes.

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Watch Poker Power Moves - The Semi-Bluff

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