Learn the Squeeze Play in Latest "Poker Power Moves" Video

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Squeeze a few more dollars out of your opponents with this special bluffing move.

The squeeze play is a special bluffing maneuver you can use to pick up pots, even when you can't pick up a hand.

The latest instalment of PokerListings.com's intermediate strategy video series "Poker Power Moves" breaks down exactly how to use the squeeze play to win more money at the poker table.

It all starts with spotting a loose, aggressive player who's not afraid to open pots with weak hands.

Next, wait for more passive players to call his raise.

Now the stage is set for you to step in with a re-raise and win the pot regardless of what cards you're holding.

The power of the squeeze play comes from a three main factors:

  • Lots of aggressive players open-raise with weak hands that can't stand up to a big three-bet.
  • The players who are just calling are most likely holding marginal hands too since they opted not to raise.
  • When you re-raise, you put the original raiser in a tough spot, out of position with players still to act behind him.

All of this adds up to folds from your opponents and more chips in your stack.

Watch the video below and learn to use the squeeze play in just two and a half minutes.

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