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As far back as he can remember Sean Lind only ever had two plans in life (other than winning the Stanley Cup). He wanted to go surfing, and he wanted to be a poker player. It took one trip to a casino for $2/$4 Limit poker to get him hooked on the game that would become his livelihood.

After playing poker professionally for close to half a decade, Sean took an extended leave, spending his roll to move to Australia and spend close to a year surfing twice a day. “I’m a better poker player than I am a surfer, that’s for sure. Plus, there’s a lot more money on a table than in the barrel.”

Coming home to high rent, sizable debt and a spent roll, Sean had to find himself a real job. With his years of playing poker across North America, along with reading every book, magazine and blog he could find on the topic, writing his own articles seemed like a natural progression.

“I have years of experience playing poker, along with a brain that doesn’t forget much of anything. I’m happy to have the chance to share the knowledge I picked up along the way. But I’m sure I’ll regret it when one of my readers runs into me on a table armed with all of my secrets.”