Featured Authors Pierre Neuville

Pierre Neuville has achieved what some call impossible.

While the dream of millions of players is to qualify only once in their life for an EPT main event, the 69-year-old poker player from Belgium has qualified online for a record 23 consecutive European Poker Tour main events.

Neuville has also proven his live poker game is just as good as his online one, beating the record for most In-The-Money Finishes on the EPT with a 40% cash-rate. A high level professional tournament poker player hardly reaches, on average, a 25% cash-rate.

He's also now second overall behind Italian poker icon Luca Pagano with 12 cashes in EPT main events.

The World Record of Pierre Neuville

So how exactly does Neuville beat the demons of poker variance?

Neuville has qualified for an EPT Main Event via online satellites & SNGs on PokerStars 23 consecutive times.

He’s won his way to the EPT via several types of satellites: the “Qual 530”, $22 re-buy, $33 re-buy, FPP, Step G, Step 6, etc.

His record seems impossible to beat. There is a consensus on the Web saying that it''s a record almost too remarkable to be true.

A well-known poker mathematician (Bill Chen) said "the odds of this record are impossible, the chances of it being beat are infinitesimal."

The Math

For each EPT satellite on PokerStars, you have in essence anything between a one and nine percent chance to qualify.

(With a classic MTT 530 qualifier 5% of the player pool gets a package. In an FPP qualifier usually 3% does. in a $22 re-buy, one package is guaranted and in a Step G one package is awarded per 9 seats or 11%)

If you play satellites repeatedly, you can obviously increase your chances of qualifying - even up to 50% on average.

This requires you to take every opportunity available to qualify for each event.

But even if we assume a 50% success rate in qualifying for each EPT event, the odds of succeeding 23 times in a row (i.e without missing one EPT event) are one in 8,000,000. (Simple stats: 50% chance is a flip, the math odds to win a flip 23 times in a row are exactly 1/8.388608).

We also know in poker that over 18 months and 23 rounds of tournaments, we're bound to experience extremely good and bad runs with the bad runs literally destroying our chances for unbroken success.

Given the swingy nature of poker, the odds could be as high as one in 25 million to achieve this continuous success.

Obviously, to achieve such a qualifying record, Pierre Neuville has had to significantly increase his chances of winning a seat every single time he played.

And still, to qualify with a commanding 90% success rate, you would have less than a 5% chance of equaling his record.

(If you have 90% chance to pick a red ball out of a pot containing 9 reds and one white, the odds to repeat 10 times in a row are 31%. The odds to repeat 23 times in row are 5% or 1 in 20.)

What are Neuville's Secrets?

So what are the tools and techniques Neuville has developed over time to bring his chances of qualifying to virtually 100%?

You'll have a unique opportunity to discover Neuville's secrets in his exclusive series with PokerListings.

Now that he’s lived his own dream of playing on the EPT , Neuville new ambition is to help as many recreative poker lovers as possible to qualify online for EPT events on PokerStars.com

Neuville also hopes to create a record-breaking group of poker players able to consistently qualify online thanks this unique series on PokerListings.

From Neuville in his own words:

Millions of players from over 100 countries around the world share the dream of playing with the best successful  poker players in a Main Event on the European Poker Tour.

Many players write to me: ‘It's an impossible dream for me’

I always answer them as follows: ‘Indeed, it's true. It’s not easy to qualify or there would be a million people registered at the next EPT. But it is possible for you”.

If you stack the odds in your favor, you will inevitably participate in an EPT Main Event.

PokerStars offers a series of unique opportunities to qualify and, as a result, experience emotions, thrill and unlimited pleasure inherent to major live poker Tournaments.

And yes, grabbing a hard-to-get qualification online can become an extraordinary moment of emotion!

When a pop-up suddenly appears on your screen saying “Congratulations! You’ve won the tournament," I can assure you that there’s no better feeling.

I’d like to help you share the joy I’ve experienced. From that moment, believe me, you enter the ‘paradise’ of poker.

An email of congratulations arrives shortly thereafter and confirms that your account has been credited with funds to pay for your plane tickets, that you are registered for the Main event and that your hotel, all inclusive for the week, is paid

On site, representatives from PokerStars will welcome you as a champion, give you your buy-in ticket and graciously offer you a bag of clothes and souvenirs.

You’ll then meet the champions you’ve been watching on TV for years knowing that as of tomorrow they’ll be your partners at the table.

Thanks to the many possibilities on PokerStars, tens of thousand of players have been able to live, at least once, this dream.

I hope and I am confident that by the end of this series, you will be writing to me and describe your success in qualifying for the EPT.

But before that, you will need to work very hard.

Practice, study and learn each lesson of the series and join the exclusive club of the Serial Pokerstars Qualifier.