Draw Poker

Draw Poker is a popular home game, but you rarely find any games online. Luckily there are a couple of rooms where there is Draw Poker action most of the time (even if it is often limited to maybe two-six tables). Our editors rank those rooms below in order of best to worst places to find Draw Poker action.

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Draw Poker Games

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About Draw Poker Games

Five-Card Draw is the variation of poker known by most players outside the poker community. This game has been played around kitchen tables for ages, and when cowboys in a western film test their bluffing skills, they usually play a game of Five-Card Draw. Since Seven-Card Stud, Omaha and especially Texas Hold'em took over the market Five-Card Draw has been surpassed, and it is hard to find Fice-Card Draw in casinos and poker clubs or a Five-Card Draw tournament.

Many think that Five-Card Draw is more based on luck compared with other forms of poker, but that is not entirely true. It would be better to say it is a game with less information.

In a Texas Hold'em game you can take a look at the board and see what the best possible hand is. And if you hold the nuts, you have an unbeatable hand. That is something that you can't do in Five-Card Draw.

Your opponent could have a royal straight flush, but he could also have nothing but queen high. The only thing you know about your opponents' hands is how many cards they drew after the first betting round and what they decided to bet.

The best Five-Card Draw players are those who are skilled in spotting tells. Since there is little information about what other players hold, it's very important to focus on your opponents actions at the table.

We all know that this isn't done very easily online, and one could question if it's even possible to play this game on the Internet. But because a lot of players lack the basic strategy skills it takes to become a successful Five-Card Draw player, it is still possible to play successfully online.

Many of the players you will find in Five-Card Draw games are Hold'em players just trying something new. Their biggest problem is often that they seem to overrate the value of their hands. When you get a pair of queens in the hole in a Hold'em game you know that you hold a very powerful hand, but remember to revaluate that pair when you change poker form. If you can manage to beat the random Hold'em player there is quite a lot of money up for grabs.