Day of Dario at PokerStars Sunday events

Dario Minieri
Dario Minieri chalked up two wins and a cash on Sunday.

While 150,000 sat down to play simultaneously at PokerStars on Sunday, probably none of them were as lucky as Dario Minieri on the site.

Not only did Dario Minieri take down the $5,200 Freezeout, he won the High-Stakes Showdown and cashed in the Sunday Million.

For his Freezeout win, Minieri pocketed more than $60,000 after a three-way deal. The High-Stakes showdown left him with another $50,000 after he defeated Genius28.

Genius28 received $30,000 for the second-place finish.

While PokerStars didn't say in its blog how much Minieri received for the Sunday Million cash, it did say he placed 42nd out of 1,802 players.

The results for the major tournaments at PokerStars on Sunday are:

Sunday Million

Place Name Country Prize
1st Mighty_L Denmark $253,512.75
2nd thechemist83 United States $233,152.78
3rd Tulkaz Denmark $172,145.68
4th Dao69 United States $102,714
5th Pattymelt15 United States $80,549.40
6th McShove United States $60,727.40
7th NVmania Germany $42,707.40
8th loftus222 United Kingdom $26,489.40
9th Belabacsi Hungary $15,857.60

Based on finishing order and a four-way deal.

Sunday Warm-Up

Place Name Country Prize
1st ael1979 Cyprus $74,388.42
2nd Madsen88 Denmark $57,129.97
3rd cheddarmon United States $68,127.21
4th ED IS BACK United States $30,800
5th krmont22 United States $24,147.20
6th Norm427 Canada $17,864
7th Mi||a.TiMe United States $12,936
8th bot432931 Belarus $8,131.20
9th aceviper United States $4,804.80

Based on finishing order and a three-way deal.

Sunday Hundred Grand

Place Name Country Prize
1st ohpmachine Canada $6,748.03
2nd kaffis Norway $7,361.40
3rd AlyahCarrie Canada $7,000.24
4th azryder United States $6,941.60
5th JoeFilip Sweden $10,267.53
6th MarijNRG Netherlands $5,281.20
7th marigold1 United Kingdom $5,000
8th B.Turner1983 United States $1,300
9th moppelchen74 Germany $1,000

Based on finishing order and a seven-way deal.

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