Daily 3-Bet: Hellmuth Juicy, Gus Loosey, durrrr Lol

Gus Hansen
Demoralized, but not crushed by $2m downswing.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an open-air, guided tour on the top deck of a hovercraft painted like a crocodile across the afternoon poker news forbidden city .

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Hellmuth snapping juicy photos on his poker mission to China, Gus Hansen getting loose with his fans over Twitter and Tom “durrrr” Dwan getting a good lol out of Jason Mo.

1) Hellmuth Semi-Muzzled in China, Hangs with Juicy Li

Phil Hellmuth and Juicy Li.

Wondering where all of Phil Helmuth's usual aggrandizing, name-dropping tweets have disappeared to this week?

The answer is into the giant chasm of the Great Internet Wall of China.

In Shanghai and Beijing to give some poker seminars in advance of the first-ever WPT China event, Hellmuth has been on semi-internet-lockdown thanks to China's Facebook/Twitter blocks.

To keep the self-promotion kettle from boiling over, though, Hellmuth has managed to sneak a few missives out via email to his US media team.

By all measures it seems like his trip has been a smash hit and even his parents have shared in the glory with him.

Some of China's burgeoning young poker fans have also got to rub elbows with the infamous Poker Brat including female poker pros Lu Lu Yang and Juicy Li (see photo).

Check out more of Hellmuth's pics from China on his Facebook page.

2) Gus Gets Loose With Fans, Unfazed by $2m Loss

While losing $2 million online would completely shut most poker players down, mentally and physically, it doesn't seem to faze Gus Hansen too much.

After taking a true beating on the new FTP last month, not only has Gus taken some time to compete in the World Racketion Championship (making the quarter-finals no less), Gus channelled his inner Negreanu and opened up with a Q&A over Twitter for his fans yesterday.

While he did say losing $2m (referring to a similar downswing) wasn't the greatest, he still managed to find a silver lining:

Outside of his massive downswing fans found plenty to ask Gus about. Among the topics were his least favorite breach of poker etiquette, his pick for toughest player and his longest poker session.

Check the full Q&A here.

3) durrr Gets Kick Out of Mo Attack, Explains Jungleman Challenge

We brought you the gist of Jason Mo's Twitter tirade at Tom "durrrr" Dwan yesterday so we'd be remiss not to tell you durrrr answered back via the 2+2 thread that started up about it.

Answering specifically to these three Mo tweets:

Tom Dwan
lol Mo'aments.

durrrr's response was short and sweet:

"lol list and post $$ pls"

No list has arrived from Mo, but durrrr did respond to a few of his other claims, specifically re. the unfinished Jungleman challenge.

He also revealed three more upcoming challenges set with Isildur1.

Excerpt below:

"o and re: jungle... the challenge will finish (and i think pretty soon); obviously its taken much longer than it should've, although i do think it was fair for me to prioritize macau over the challenge (10x the stakes etc.).

"once ftp went down i communicated with jungle on what i thought was right/fair the whole time and always was open to everything he said..."

Full post on 2+2 here.

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