Celebs Aaron Paul, Neymar, John Boyega Face Off in PokerStars Duel

PokerStars Duel Aaron Paul

A series of celebrities including John Boyega, Aaron Paul and Neymar Jr. take center stage in a new heads-up focused YouTube video series called Duel by PokerStars.

The new format features two celebs colliding in a heads-up No-Limit Hold’em match. Each participant received training from PokerStars large roster of sponsored pros including Fatima Moreira de Melo, Vanessa Selbst, Felipe “Mojave” Ramos or Andre Akkari.

Every celebrity who took part in a match received $5,000 to the charity of their choice.

The videos of each match are already available to watch on YouTube.

Fashion, Sports Stars Set to Clash

The upcoming PokerStars Duels (not to be confused with the now defunct app that PokerStars shelved earlier this year) will draw contestants from the worlds of fashion, sports and acting.

Aaron Paul 7 2015 WSOP2
It's not Aaron Paul's first rodeo.

The first matches will include:

Fashion icons Sara Sampaio (Victoria’s Secret) and Mireia Lalaguna Royo (Miss World).

Hollywood megastars John Boyega (Star Wars) and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad).

Footballers Neymar Jr. (Brazil) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Portgual).

All the contestants have varying amounts of experience with Neymar Jr. and Cristiano Ronaldo likely bringing the most thanks to their PokerStars sponsorship deals.

Meanwhile Aaron Paul recently had a successful debut against Fabrice Soulier in the Global Poker League.

“I love the surge of excitement you get when challenging others, which is one of the main reasons I love poker so much; it provides me with a thrill that I normally only feel on the football pitch,” said Ronaldo.

“The duels were challenging but also really fun.”

You can watch all of the videos here but we’ve embedded Neymar vs. Boyega, Ronaldo vs. Aaron Paul and Ronaldo vs. Mireia Lalaguna below:

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