Canadian wins EPT Grand Final

The Champ!

It took nearly 14 hours of final-table play to get there, but the PokerStars European Poker Tour Grand Final has finally found its champion for Season 4 - Glen Chorny.

Glen Chorny is a Timmins, Ontario, native who qualified for the EPT Grand Final at PokerStars, and turned his seat from the poker site into a €2,020,000 win.

This wasn't his first time going deep in an EPT event either. He also cashed out in 13th place during the EPT Caribbean Adventure in January. He said during an interview with PokerListings that he was never so depressed as he was that night, going out in 13th place.

Heading into the EPT Grand Final, the 22-year-old must have channeled that disappointment into determination to win this time around. By the end of Day 4 of the tournament he had separated himself from a pack of players that included many pros, and was the chip leader going into the final table.

He wasn't the only player flying the PokerStars flag at the table. Isaac Baron, another PokerStars qualifier, was hot on his heels second in the chip count, and Luca Pagano was there representing Team PokerStars.

The final table was seated as follows:

Seat Name Chip Count
1. Denes Kalo $1,190,000
2. Michael Martin $1,320,000
3. Luca Pagano $688,000
4. Valeriy Ilikyan $1,396,000
5. Antonio Esfandiari $501,000
6. Maxime Villemure $1,206,000
7. Glen Chorny $3,613,000
8. Isaac Baron $2,853,000

Antonio Esfandiari was looking to become the second player to win poker's triple crown. He has a World Series of Poker bracelet and a World Poker Tour win, but the EPT win has been out of his reach thus far.

The Grand Final wasn't his to win either as he was the first out of the final table. After more than a handful of hours of play, the final table at last came down to Chorny versus Denes Kalo in heads-up play.

By that point Chorny had amassed a stack of more than $11 million in chips, with Kalo severely short-stacked with only about $1.4 million.

It only took two hands for Chorny to add Kalo's chips to his stack as well.

On the second hand of heads-up play, Kalo open-shoved from the button and Chorny made the call. Chorny was holding A 5 against Kalo's K Q.

The flop was all spades with A-Q-6, giving Chorny top pair. When the 6 hit the turn, Kalo had very few outs left to him, and the 10 on the river sealed the win for Chorny.

The final-table results are as follows:

Place Name Prize
1st Glen Chorny €2,020,000
2nd Denes Tamas Kalo €1,179,000
3rd Maxime Villemure €715,000
4th Isaac Baron €589,000
5th Michael Martin €421,000
6th Luca Pagano €337,000
7th Valeriy Ilikyan €253,000
8th Antonio Esfandiari €168,000

For a more in-depth analysis of the final table plus reports and interviews with players from the PokerStars EPT Grand Final, check out the masterful reporting done live from the event in the Live Tournaments section.

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