Canada Upsets USA in PokerStars World Cup of Poker, Eight Teams Left

world cup

Poker may have been invented in the United States but that wasn’t enough to keep the country in the PokerStars World Cup of Poker.

Canada defeated the USA in the latest elimination round of the contest, which also saw heavyweights Germany, France and Ukraine hit the rail. 

In the big match between Canada and USA there were more than 1,000 players in on the action. Canada only had a quarter of the field so the country was facing some less than ideal odds.

Canada ended up playing the underdog role perfectly and by the time play was reduced to five players, four of them were Canadian. Pacer18 ended up clinching the victory for the True North.

Of course this year’s World Cup of Poker is being played out entirely online with play money chips.

Russia to Face Italy in Epic Match

Perhaps the biggest upset of the round of 16 actually went to Switzerland for defeating France. Victory appeared assured for France with only one Swiss player left out of 128 players.

Somehow Swiss player and73 managed to outlast everyone and take down the victory for Switzerland.

There are some very interesting matches in the round of eight including Russia vs. Italy and Canada vs. Poland. Kazakstan will attempt to keep its own Cinderella run going against Switzerland.

The quarter-final matches will begin Dec. 6 on PokerStars and cost each player 25,000 play chips to enter. 

Here are the final four matches:

  • Russia vs. Italy
  • Spain vs. Venezuela
  • Kazakstan vs. Switzerland
  • Canada vs. Poland
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