Jivaro Brings User-Friendly Poker HUD to the People

7 August 2015, Created By: PokerListings.com
Jivaro Brings User-Friendly Poker HUD to the People

There are plenty of Poker Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) on the market but upstart Jivaro is looking to disrupt the market with a unique emphasis on user-friendly software.

For years the industry standards have been Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker but those services are still overwhelming to new players due to their complexity and cost.

Jivaro switches things up with a visually appealing theme and a business model that includes a free version.

That’s the idea anyways. In the following post we take a closer look at what Jivaro brings to the table.

Jivaro Offers A Special Focus on Graphics-Based Data

Jivaro Screenshot 3
Despite the graphic there's no OSX version of Jivaro. Yet.

Like most HUDs Jivaro is a program for the collection of statistical information on your opponents at the table. It works in real time. The program launched this year and right now it’s limited to PokerStars and Windows. Jivaro is also a HUD with a few significant changes:

1. Visualization

Jivaro's standard view is a multi-colored circle around an opponent's avatar. It is divided into three parts: VPIP (how often a player is involved in the bank), PFR (how often pre-flop raise) and AFq (how aggressive after the flop).

 All of which are pretty standard metrics for HUDs. Each of these parameters is displayed in three colors.

Each color has a different meaning:

-Green means a significant deviation from normal/tight players (for example, if the VPIP is more than 50%).
 These are generally the crazy players that you want to target.

-Yellow indicates the upper limit of normal/tight players.
 A little more aggressive than usual.

-Red - figure in the normal/tight range (for example, at 90% PFR player is aggressive enough on the flop).

2. Free and Paid Version

The free version of Jivaro is is available for download to anyone. It includes that aforementioned colored circle with the core indicators. 

In the paid version, which costs $5 per month (for August at least) you get more statistics (shown when you hover over a socket in Jivaro) including: Re-raise, Fold to 3-Bet, Continuation Bet, Fold to C-Bet, Steal, Fold to Steal, Cold Call, Bet, Fold to River Bet, Raise on Flop and more.

3. Automatic Adjustment

Jivaro adjusts to the selected type or style of the table on PokerStars. The program window will not overlap other interface elements.

4. The Required Statistics at the Right Time

In the paid version of Jivaro it shows statistics for pre-flop while you are actually pre-flop and nothing else. In short, there are no huge windows with a cavalcade of numbers like other HUDs. 

Also Jivaro collects statistics for all tournaments played and a range of other functions.

Potential Downsides

Of course the #1 danger of an app like Jivaro is that you’re going to lose some of the functionality that is offered by industry leaders like Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker.

So far we haven’t found that to be the case and Jivaro will suffice for a very large portion of the poker-playing community.

One of the other issues with Jivaro is that it’s only available for Windows despite the fact most online poker sites are compatible with OSX and Apple computers these days. We expect it to be ported to OSX shortly, however.

The other potential long-term problem is that online poker sites are getting tougher and tougher on HUDs and we expect a large portion of sites to ban them outright.

For the time being, however, Jivaro is good to go and a pretty impressive product to boot. It's pretty much an instant edge if you aren't using a HUD.

We’ll have more on Jivaro as we experiment with it throughout the coming months.


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