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Watch the Celebrity Cash Kings Live Stream Right Here!

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25 April 2015
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Some of the toughest and most successful poker players in the world are warming up for this year's EPT Grand Final with a high-stakes cash game live from King's Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic.

Dan Cates, Phil Gruissem, Ole Schemion, Max Altergott, Igor Kurganov, George Danzer, Dan Colman and Liv Boeree are among the elite players who will join King's Casino owner Leon Tsoukernik for a fun game of €50/€100 No-Limit Texas Hold'em.

Or at least that's where the game will start. But over the course of three days - Sunday, Monday and Tuesday - who knows where it could end up?

Action starts Sunday, April 26 from 17:30 CET with the stream running on a 30-minute delay. Expect things to get interesting quickly!

Click through/scroll down for the schedule and the full stream.

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play along 2

What’s arguably the #1 feature of poker on TV?


Sports fans may never be able to go one-on-one with Lebron James or shelf a wrister on Henrik Lundqvist but they sure as hell can 3-Bet a famous TV pro. Or, at the very least, make fun of the way they play pocket jacks.

Well PokerStars is going one step farther with its new Poker Play Along app that actually lets players interact with TV poker programming.

During every PokerStars TV broadcast, such as an EPT or Shark Cage, players will be able to actually play along during certain segments.

It’s perfect for poker as you’ll finally get to guess what the correct play in certain situations would be whether it’s call, raise or fold.

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Poker fame.

The phrase itself is almost an oxymoron.

Mike "Timex" McDonald has breathless fans following him into the toilet on the EPT circuit but wouldn't even get a nervous twitter in the Chipotle lineup.

Even our most revered and recognizable stars - Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth - hardly face police-taped legions of fans waiting outside of regional airports.

So why is "real" mainstream fame so elusive for a game with strong roots in nearly every corner of the planet?

PokerListings investigates.

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Griffin Benger 2

Former Counter-Strike legend Griffin “shaGuar” Benger is officially streaming on but it’s not for the reason you might think.

First off, Benger isn’t streaming Counter-Strike.

Benger’s actually been out of the pro video game scene for quite awhile.

Instead the Toronto native is streaming online poker and giving some incredible insight into what he's thinking when he's at the virtual tables.

This isn’t a complete surprise since plenty of pros including Jason “Jcarver” Somerville, Jonathan Little and Dan O’Brien are already streaming online poker on Twitch with considerable success.

Benger’s background, however, is unique since he was one of the most famous Counter-Strike pros and a member of the original Team NoA.

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Oceans 11 Poker Scene Home Game

Poker is a game that’s enjoyed by people from all walks of life. The rich and famous, the blue collar and everyone in between.

Ben Affleck, Bill Gates, Tobey Maguire, Nelly, Jennifer Tilly, Michael Phelps, Alex Rodriguez, Russell Westbrook, Paul Pierce, Sergio Garcia, Rafael Nadal, Ronaldo and Neymar are just a small sample of the notable figures who have been known to enjoy a turn on the felt.

There’s a secret world to poker, however, as some of the biggest games don’t take place at a casino or even a poker club. Some of the richest poker games in the world actually take place in the privacy of homes or hotel rooms where the ultra-rich trade pots that are worth cars or even houses to mere mortals.

Sometimes it's not even about the money. It's about the famous faces who sit down at the table away from the prying eyes of a public casino.

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David Ulliott

Can you even begin to sum up the life and career of a character as larger-than-life as Dave "Devilifsh" Ulliott in a few videos?

Of course not. But it's the small moments inbetween the big ones that often say the most.

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Pure Holdem poker

The last thing the world needs is another shitty poker video game.

For years game makers have been shoving bad poker game after bad poker game down people’s throats with no real idea of what makes the card game so compelling.

Pure Hold’em, an upcoming game for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, is different than its competitors in one major way:

It’s not really a poker video game.

It would be much more accurate to call it a poker simulation.

The team at VooFoo Studios has painstakingly re-created the entire poker experience with one of the most detailed poker tables you will ever see along with individual chips, cards and seats.

You even hold down LT to peel back your hole cards so there’s a little bit of a sweat to see what you have.

The game also offers most major poker variants including cash games and tournaments with various stakes.

It's clear the developers have a good understanding of poker as they even include basic strategy tips in the loading screens.

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The first-ever EPT/IPT Malta poker festival is winding to its exciting conclusion with the EPT Main Event.

Over 68 events were on the docket over the 12-day festival along with the big-time finale and, as expected, attendance has been plentiful.

Almost 900 entries were pooled for the Main Event putting over €800,000 on the line for first place. Main Event live stream will be available daily right here on until a winner is crowned on Saturday.

English commentary as always will be provided by the unmatched team of James Hartigan, Joe Stapleton, Matt Broughton, Marc Convey and special guests.

Note: If the previous day's coverage is stil showing, click the "i" up in the top right of the screen and scroll to the newest day.

Click through/read on for the full webcast schedule!

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Poker Analyzer

When you first sit down at the poker table one of the greatest fears is getting cheated out of your money.

Once you’ve played for awhile you tend to realize those concerns are usually unfounded as both casinos and online poker sites utilize a large assortment of security measures (depending on where you play of course!).

Technology is always changing, however, and the latest device to come out of China has some players worried.

The gadget in question is generally referred to as a “Poker Analyzer”.

There are a few variants but the basic idea behind the Poker Analyzer is that it can tell you what cards are going to be dealt.

In this article we’re going to take a closer look at how Poker Analyzers work and whether it's a legitimate danger at the tables.

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Apple Watch Poker

Is Apple set to change the game again?

The imminent Apple Watch has financial analysts scratching their heads wondering if Apple might once again completely turn a market segment on its head.

The big question that we care about, however, is whether the Apple Watch will have any applications for poker.

We’ll take a close look at the upcoming watch in this article and project some of the possible uses for poker.

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