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Watch EPT San Remo (S10) Live Stream Right Here!

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14 April 2014
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One of the biggest and most popular stops on the European Poker Tour fires up again this week from San Remo, Italy.

Live streaming for the EPT San Remo main event gets underway Wednesday (April 16) with the start of Day 2.

Daily feature-table coverage will run right through until Sunday when the champ is crowned.

Commentary as always will be provided by James Hartigan, Joe Stapleton and special guests.

Click through/read on for the full webcast schedule.

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The much-hyped PokerStars 7 client is finally in an open Alpha test and players are getting a first-hand look at the potential future of online poker.

It’s been a long time coming.

Screenshots of PokerStars 7 initially hit the Internet in 2012, which means the software has been development for over three years now.

It’s not exactly clear why it’s taken so long (there were some initial complaints about the look of the new software in 2012) but the latest version looks very solid.

We got a hold of the new software and thought we’d post a few thoughts from playing it for a few hours below.

It’s worth nothing that PokerStars 7 is not only a good thing for PokerStars players. When it comes to software PokerStars has always been a leader but they got so far ahead that other sites were playing catch up for the last few years.

PokerStars hasn’t changed much over that time because it hasn’t needed to. The new software will likely provide a new benchmark for other sites.

Don’t be surprised if you start to see similar features trickle down to 888poker, Party Poker and iPoker over the next couple years.

In other words: everyone wins.

You can test PokerStars 7 for yourself. Details can be found when you head over to this page. It's currently only available for for real-money players with Windows.

Check below for some notes about the Alpha-version of PokerStars 7:

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eatprayshove 3

Noted Swedish grinder Sofia “welllbet” Lövgren recently left long-time sponsor PKR Poker for the “next big adventure.”

What is that next project? No one is quite sure but thanks to her marketability in Sweden she might garner some attention from industry titans such as PokerStars or iPoker.

We suggest she take some time off to discover herself like Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love. Albeit with more poker.

It’s with that in mind that we’ve put together a movie poster for Eat Pray Shove, which we’d definitely watch over the Roberts’ feature.

Check below for the complete poster:

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One of the worst things about poker is the countless bad-beat stories you run into in nearly every level of the game.

No one really wants to hear bad beat stories but even when players are retelling hands it’s an excruciatingly-long process that tends to be riddled with errors.

Put it simply: people are terrible at talking about poker hands.

Anyone who’s experienced “…and then the turn came trey of spades… Or was it a deuce? …Actually I think it was the king of clubs…” knows what we are talking about it.

New app ShareMyPair attempts to streamline the process by letting a poker players cram all their hand details into the program and ending up with a slick animated video of the hand, similar to online poker hand replayers.

Best of all you’ll usually be able to watch the complete hand in a matter of seconds instead of minutes.

The service has already been utilized by noted pros such as Phil Hellmuth and Jonathan Little who shared a few key hands.

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oculus poker

Could the new Oculus Rift virtual reality headset change the way we experience online poker?

It’s not out of the question as the Rift represents perhaps the biggest leap in gaming since 3D characters were rendered for the first time in the 90s.

Poker technology has remained relatively stagnant over the last five years with many clients that, at least visually, haven’t changed very much since the late 2000s.

We’re going to take an in-depth look at the Oculus Rift and propose two unique ways the VR could be utilized in an online poker setting.

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Watch EPT Vienna (S10) Live Stream Right Here!

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22 March 2014
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A record-smashing Eureka Poker Tour main event led into Season 10's EPT Vienna stop in grand style this week with over 1,400 players.

Live streaming for EPT Vienna gets underway Sunday with bonus cards-up final table coverage of the Eureka Main Event.

Daily feature-table coverage of the EPT Vienna main event picks up on Monday with Day 1b and continues right through until Saturday when the champ is crowned.

Commentary as always will be provided by James Hartigan, Joe Stapleton and special guests. Catch the coverage right here on PokerListings every day!

Click through/read on for the full webcast schedule.

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People/Things Less Trustworthy than Poker Players

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21 March 2014
Posted in: The Poker Reporter Blog, Poker Comedy

We'll give you this: Some of the less-than-stellar public perception of poker and its players has been earned.

From the backroom scallywags of the 70s to the personal and corporate shams of recent past sketchiness has, admittedly, always been a thread in poker's fabric.

Dig a little deeper, though, and plenty of people in the game for decades would stake their fortunes on the integrity of poker players.

Among the old guard, the gambler's code still holds. Among the new school, personal reputation and membership in a trusted community are what careers are built on.

There's always going to be a hint of shadiness in high cash-flow industries but, all things considered, poker players get a bad rap for the actions of a small few.

To prove it, here's a running list of people/things we currently trust less. Feel free to add yours in the comments. (Note: Yes, we know this is stupid. It's a joke.)

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Screen Shot 2014 03 20 at 11.59.46 AM

It’s astounding how many poker players still fail to put their staking agreements in writing but a new service hopes to help streamline the process. is a new website that lets two people enter into an agreement with each other by digitally connecting Facebook profiles.

The service can be utilized online and in real-time, which is perfect for online grinders who may hail from drastically different area codes.

Part of the agreement-based system is based on reputation. If anyone reneges on the agreement the other party can easily publish the complete document.

Because is web-based it’s available on Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android-based devices.

Staking Disputes Can Happen to Any Poker Player

Those who don’t believe a staking disagreement could happen to them would be wise to remember perhaps the biggest staking dispute ever at the 2006 WSOP Main Event.

Jamie Gold won $12 million, the biggest prize ever awarded at the WSOP, but partner Crispin Leyser nearly lost his portion of the prize (worth $6 million) in part because they failed to put everything in writing.

The bottom line is: don’t take unnecessary risks. You can also just write up documents manually, scan them, and send to your staking partner.

You can also use e-signature, which is hypothetically even more secure, but more complicated than

However you do it, get something beyond a verbal agreement or text message.

Check out a video of the service below:

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Outside of the odd game of Open-Face Chinese or Courcheval, poker has remained relatively unchanged for decades.

There’s something timeless about the game and there’s a good chance some form of Hold’em or Draw poker will be played 100 years from now.

That said, what other poker-like games do you think will be played in the future?

Poker has actually played a huge role in Sci Fi pop culture and nearly every series has some form of the game.

It’s easy to see why as poker is a great plot device to develop characters that’s been used on everything from Friends to Training Day.

But what are these poker-like games in the future?

Well for one they seem to have a lot of suits. If there’s one thing to be learned from the various games featured on Sci Fi shows it’s that more suits = more futuristic.

Here’s a look at the poker games played in the background of some of the most famous Sci Fi shows.

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ari gold

Poker can be a frustrating game sometimes.

It's to be expected in a game where the best hand constantly loses and the worse player sometimes wins. Then again, getting bluffed by the better player sometimes hurts just as bad.

Poker tilt has undoubtedly been the reason for the tragic end to numerous keyboards, mouses and even laptops over the years.

The problem is that non-poker people can’t relate to just how frustrating and challenging the game of poker can be. Fortunately online GIFs can.

We’ve gathered a collection of GIFs that express just the level of anger that getting four-flushed in AK vs. AK can produce.


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Appeak Poker App Adds Bigger Bonuses, Country Duels

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12 March 2014
Posted in: The Appeak Poker Blog

Poker players might want to take another look at the Appeak mobile app thanks to a number of serious upgrades over the last couple months.

The free-to-play Appeak, which currently ranks as one of the most popular iOS and Android apps, got a new mode called Country Duels, which allows good-natured competition between players from around the world.

In addition poker players on Appeak will now receive even bigger loyalty bonuses. Bonus amounts increase for every day in a row that a player signs in (up to seven days).

Previously Appeak players received 1,000 chips every day. Now they can potentially receive up to 7,000.

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Watch WPT Live Show/Live Stream from WPT Venice Right Here!

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09 March 2014
Posted in: The Poker Reporter Blog

On the heels of a smashing success at WPT Prague the WPT Live Show and full final-table live stream is back for the WPT Venice main event.

Hosted by much-loved poker industry vet Jesse May, the Live Show will run nightly from 8-8:30 pm (CET) M-F with a round-up of the day's action plus interviews with a mix of pros, PartyPoker reps Kara Scott and Jamie Kerstetter and the Royal Flush Girls.

On Saturday the full live stream coverage of the main event final table will air with commentary from May and special guests.

Each night along the way partypoker will also offer special tournaments, promos and rake races online with a VIP Package to WPT Cyprus on the table.

If you miss it live check in anytime before the next show to watch the replay; check the full schedule below:

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Separated at Birth: Andreas Høivold and DS9’s Odo

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07 March 2014
Posted in: The Poker Reporter Blog, Poker Comedy
Odo and Hoivold

Did you know Scandinavian poker pro Andreas Høivold can shape shift?

Neither did we but you’ve gotta admit he looks slightly like surly Deep Space Nine constable/shape shifter Odo.

We’ve never thought about it before but Odo has a pretty killer poker face. It gets even better when he turns into his natural gelatinous form.

Meanwhile Høivold actually has $1.7 million in real-life lifetime tournament earnings including a cash in PokerListings’ own Battle of Malta last fall. So there’s that. 

Who are your favorite poker players and pop culture figures that were separated at birth? Leave your picks in the comments.

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Poker Night 2 Logo

We’ll get this out of the way first: poker video games suck.

They are slow, teach very little actual poker strategy and ultimately become mind-numbingly boring after an orbit or two.

That said, Telltale’s Poker Night 2, which came out last year, is one of the best video games that’s been released in the last few years and actually worth playing.

Forget Full House Poker on Xbox or some terrible Facebook game, Poker Night 2 is the one you want.

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Frankenpoker ivey face

We’ve been in the poker coverage game for over a decade now and we’ve developed a few theories on what makes the great players so damn good.

With that in mind we’ve created the monstrosity you see above, which is a Frankenstein-style collection of some of the most famous poker players in the world.

If you ever see this guy staring across at you from the other side of the table you might as well fold your hand, give him all your chips and give up poker for Uno tournaments.

For those keeping track at home here’s a breakdown of the world’s greatest poker player.

  • 1. Phil Ivey’s intense stare, obv.
  • 2. French Canadian pro Erik Cajelais’ fearsome right arm. Perfect for raising. Or punching.
  • 3. Scotty Nguyen’s luxurious hair. That’s Prince of Poker style, baby.
  • 4. Doyle Brunson’s iconic cowboy hat. It’s seen things.
  • 5. Teddy “Iceman” Monroe’s diamond headphones. The most baller item in poker.
  • 6. Dan Bilzerian’s beard. Hey this girl can’t be wrong.
  • 7. Viktor “Isildur1” Blom’s laptop. Ready for multi-tabling.
  • 8. Daniel Negreanu’s laugh (not pictured). That’s how you make the fish feel comfortable.

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Poker Friends is yet another entry in the crowded free-to-play poker app market but it does have one killer feature.

Players on Poker Friends can create their own private games for friends and family without any random strangers in the game.

It’s similar to the way PokerStars offers home games on their desktop client but have yet to add the feature to their mobile offering.

It’s a significant feature that, for instance, allows a group of friends waiting at the airport to instantly cue up a private cash game. Theoretically users can wager money with each other in real life without having to pay any rake.

Interestingly Poker Friends also has an asynchronous format, similar to the old school play-by-mail, which lets users take their turn at the time they choose. Games could potentially last weeks, which could be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it.

We spent some time fooling around with Poker Friends and while it’s not a serious poker offering, with plenty of advertisements for buying play money chips, it would be worth it for the bigger online poker operators to take a closer look at the product.

Poker Friends is available for iOS and Android. To learn more check out the Poker Friends website.

An advertisement for the app is embedded after the jump:

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The Ultimate $10 Million Poker Home Game Set-Up

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21 February 2014
Posted in: The Poker Reporter Blog

Organizing a fun night of poker is, truth be told, much more than just cracking a new deck of cards and buying some beer.

If you're part a group of friends who rotate the hosting duties, the stakes are even higher. And let's be honest: you want to be the alpha male among alpha males with the set-up your crew looks forward to the most.

If you want to be the man with the ultimate poker home game, PokerListings Holland's Hans Faber has sourced the high-end equipment you'll need to put you over the top.

Fair warning, though: your average Walmart-acquired chip set isn't going to cut it.

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Over the last six months an online card game has taken the gaming world by storm and almost instantaneously created a massive online community with countless blogs dedicated to the game’s strategy and development.

No we’re not talking about online poker.

Hearthstone, which was developed by gaming giant Blizzard, is shaking up the gaming status quo with its free-to-play model that’s already attracted tens of thousands of players.

Incredibly Hearthstone is still in open beta and hasn’t even been officially launched.

The designers of Magic: The Gathering are likely worried and they should be with Forbes publishing articles like “How Hearthstone Could Change the PC Gaming Landscape” and “Five Reasons Hearthstone is Better Than a Real Card Game.”

Why does this matter to poker players?

Hearthstone and online poker have nearly identical demographics. If a game like Hearthstone can generate huge player fields in a matter of months, there’s no reason online poker can’t do the same.

Blizzard has stated their goal with Hearthstone is to simply make collectible card games accessible, describing the game as, “deceptively simple, yet insanely fun.”

Online poker could learn a thing or two from that logic. Here are five elements that online poker should adapt from Hearthstone:

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14 Highly Questionable Poker-Themed Tattoos

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14 February 2014
Posted in: The Poker Reporter Blog

We love poker. We truly do.

Tattoos ... meh. We've seen some nice ones over the years, but truth be told we've never been so keen on a virtual date stamp that says "hey, remember what you kind of were into in 1996?"

Poker tattoos are a pretty ballsy decision. It's a great game, for sure, but who knows how you're going to feel about it 10 years from now when you can't beat 1c/2c online.

Here are some poker lovers who clearly aren't concerned about that.

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Good bankroll management is one of the single most important skills that rookie poker players can develop and a new web app, that’s free, offers some great fundamentals in a matter of minutes.

BankRoll Management by is a web-based app that requires no sign-up or download and is completely free.

Users can simply slot in their bankroll and level of experience and they’ll instantly be given a number of metrics including suggested stake level, stack per table, when to move up and profit they should be hoping to make per table.

You can also select from the three major poker variants including cash games, Sit & Goes and tournaments, which obviously all have very different buy-in levels.

The app suggests recreational players take some shots in bigger games for the fun of it while serious players should tighten up.

For example if you enter a bankroll of $500 at a recreational level of skill then it will suggest the following (and more):

  • Stake level: $.10/$.25
  • Stack per table: $25
  • Jump to next level: $125

Or for Sit & Goes

  • Buy-in level: $15
  • Profit per tournament: Min Cash-$24.66
  • Jump to next level: $250

It’s all basic information but undoubtedly useful for a new player. It’s also incredibly fast and easy to use.

In fact we’ve embedded the tool below if you want to give it a try:

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