"Easy-to-win" Games

Welcome to the world's largest fish pond! Use PokerListings.com's professional rankings to find the loosest and most passive games online. These are the easiest games to beat, even for beginners.

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Easy to Win Poker Games

Rank Poker Site? Rating Best Sign-Up Bonus Exclusive Offer Play Now
1. 888poker Read Review 6.98 100% up to $888? Regular: 100% / $400 Play Now Free Download
2. Tiger Gaming Read Review 6.76 100% up to $2,500? Regular: 100% / $1,000
Play Now Free Download
3. Full Tilt Read Review 6.62 100% up to $600? Regular: 100% / $600 Play Now Free Download
4. PokerStars Read Review 6.59 100% up to $600? Regular: 100% / $600 Play Now Free Download
5. William Hill Poker Read Review 6.47 200% up to $2,000? Regular: 100% / $1,000 Play Now Free Download
6. Lucky Ace Poker Read Review 6.3 100% up to $800? Regular: 100% / $400
Play Now Free Download
7. Party Poker Read Review 5.28 100% up to $500? Regular: 100% / $500 Play Now Free Download
8. PKR Read Review 5.16 125% up to $500? Regular: 100% / $150 Play Now Free Download
9. NetBet Poker Read Review 5.05 200% up to €1,500? Regular: 100% / €1,000
Play Now Free Download
10. bet-at-home.com Read Review 4.94 100% up to €1,000? Regular: 100% / €1,000
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About Easy-to-Win Poker Games

Easy-to-Win Games - Poker Room Ratings

This page ranks online poker rooms based on how easy it is to win consistently at their games.

To simplify the ranking, we are primarily looking for poker rooms with many loose and passive games (e.g. many players calling, but not raising or check/raising). These are generally the easiest games to "beat" - even for a beginner.

Several poker rooms offer notes function, to facilitate taking notes on opponents. There are also third party tracking and analysis software available for some poker rooms to map your opponents (using historical hands functions). Both these functions make it easier to play a winning game, by helping you adjust your game depending on the opponents you face.

Essentially, online poker is all about winning. Sure, poker is a fun game to play, but it's even more fun when you're making money. One way to win is to have opponents who are worse poker players than you. Our expert editors have played their share in all the major poker rooms, and consequently, they know where the weakest opponents are to be found.

Keep in mind that one room might have really soft Texas Hold'em games, but very tough Omaha games. Another poker room might have easy-to-beat tournaments, but very tight cash games. The top list above will help you find online poker rooms with the easiest games to beat in your preferred playing form.

What makes a poker game easy to beat? The obvious answer is the opponents. In the poker room lobby, you can get a quick overview of what kind of players are seated at the different tables. High average-view flop percentages and big average pot sizes are normally signs of loose games with weak players.

Once you've found a game with weak players, you have to know how to exploit them. Here we will list a few common mistakes that inexperienced poker players make at the table:

They play too many hands - A lot of poker players play too many starting hands and get into trouble as a result. With strict starting hand standards, you will have a significant advantage over these opponents.

They play their hands too far - Weak players don't know when to fold their hands, and they often play all the way to the river with mediocre cards. When you're up against one of these "calling stations," you should bet your big hands hard and make them pay as much as possible at all times.

They overplay their draws - Bad poker players rarely care about pot odds. If they pick up a straight or flush draw, they are prepared to call almost any bet. It hurts when they hit their draw, but if you keep betting hard against them, you will surely make money in the long run.

They are predictable - Many poker players are extremely predictable, and you can always discern what their actions at the poker table mean. When they bet or raise, they have a strong hand; otherwise, they just check or call. If you are able to identify and exploit these predictable players, you will find it very easy to maximize your winnings at the poker table.