Another $1 Million Freeroll Incoming to PokerStars Oct. 9


You wouldn't mind playing a bit of Sunday afternoon poker for a share of $1 million, would you?

The next free-for-all in PokerStars' ongoing $1 Million Freeroll series is set to roll on October 9 and you can get your seat for, well, virtually nothing.

Impossibly easy online qualifiers started yesterday (Sept. 28) and if you have a real-money poker account on PokerStars, there's a seat in the gigantic $1m freebie there for the taking.

Thousands (and Thousands) of Seats Available

Here's how you get a seat:

PokerStars lobby
Qualifiers for days.

Every day from Sept. 29 - Oct. 7 there's a daily All-In Shootout Qualifier. All you have to do to earn a free seat in that one is open up your Challenges window in the PokerStars client and opt in for a single daily challenge.

Complete that challenge and you'll automatically be registered into the next daily All-in Shootout Qualifier at 07:04 ET. That qualifier doesn't even require you to play as everyone will be all in every hand.

The top 8,192 players (!) from each will advance to the $1 Million Freeroll on Sunday October 9, 2016, with $10,000 guaranteed to the winner.

If you somehow can't find a seat via the daily All-In Shootout, you still have another shot to get in. A special challenge on October 7 will be offered that, if completed, gets you a seat in the Last Chance Skill Qualifier on Saturday, October 8 

Unlike the All-in Shootout, though, you'll need to actually register and play in that one to win a ticket into the $1m freeroll. The $1 Million Skill Qualifier will be capped at 45,000 players with seats on a first come, first served basis. 

Once You're In, You're In

All players who qualify via either the Daily All-In Shootouts or the Last Chance Skill Qualfiier will automatically be registered for the $1 Million Freeroll on October 9 at 12:04 ET.

If you've already advanced to the $1m Freeroll you don't need to opt-in for any more Challenges. If you complete more Challenges after qualifying, you'll be unregistered from any upcoming All-In Shootouts/Last Chance Skill Qualifier. 

To open a new PokerStars account and get started, download the software via our review page to be eligible for our exclusive monthly offers.

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