Allain, Vieira Surge at EPT Grand Final; Selbst Survives to Day 5

Adrien Allain (Photo: PokerStars)

A record 1,098-player field at the 2016 EPT Grand Final main event has been culled to just 28 with France's Adrien Allain leading the way to Day 5.

Knocking out short stacks left and right Allain bagged up 3.9m to end the night over 1m chips in front of the field.

The next closest player? Portugal's Joao Vieira, who took a big chunk from Vanessa Selbst late in the day to pile up 2.7m for tomorrow.

Several other Frenchman will join Allain in the top 10 for tomorrow including former November Niner Antoine Saout and pro Benjamin Pollak, while Selbst slipped through near the bottom of the counts at just 389,000.

Flopped Set Turns to Full House

The showcase hand for Vieira came in Level 24 with the deck falling in his favor and the aggressive Selbst on his left. Raising TT under the gun to 54,000 Vieira was met with a 3-bet to 121,000 from Selbst with K4cc.

Difficult day for Selbst.

After a call and a T-J-3 flop, the two checked before the Ah fell on the turn. Vieira check-called a turn bet of 141,00 from Selbst and went to the river Ad.

Another check-call of a 370,000 bet from Selbst and Vieira's stack climbed over 2.4m while Selbst got dangerously short. A double-up the next hand helped but she'll still face an uphill battle to get near the final table.

Other notables falling short at the end of the day were Randy "nanonoko" Lew, who exited in 30th, and Fatima Moreira de Melo in 44th.

Brazil's Ariel Celestino, Germany's Fabio Sperling and Italy's Dario Sammartino are also among the 28 to advance.

Watch the full replay of the action on the live stream here and tune in tomorrow to watch the playdown to the final eight.

The Top 10 in chips:

1. Adrien Allain France 3,900,000
2. Joao Vieira Portugal 2,710,000
3. Jan Bendik Slovakia 2,447,000
4. Antoine Saout France 2,147,000
5. Benjamin Philipps UK 2,130,000
6. Thi Xoa Nguyen France 2,100,000
7. Ariel Celestino Brazil 1,921,000
8. Mohamed Aissani France 1,750,000
9. Jimmy Guerrero France 1,200,000
10. Benjamin Pollak France 1,118,000

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