a.urli Rakes in $970k for 10th Anniversary Sunday Million

2016.03.20 sundaymillion finaltable

Online player a.urli outlasted a staggering 55,059 entries to win PokerStars special 10th Anniversary Sunday Million for $970,000.

The massive field helped propel the prize pool past the $10m guarantee eventually hitting $11m.

By the time the final player was counted the 10th Anniversary Sunday Million was the third biggest in the history of the event.

Four Players Make a Deal

As expected with a tournament this size there was a deal made at the final table.

A Whole Lotta Cash

With just four players left a.urli, prophetdream, mladenova and canario508 decided to chop.

It took a considerable amount of discussion. a.urli was insistent he get at least $870k and actually scuttled two earlier discussions about a deal.

Finally the players found a way to get a.urli his $870k and everyone quickly agreed on a deal that left $100k up top.

Without a deal first place would have easily been worth over $1m.

Not much is known about Canada’s a.urli although he certainly knew how to play his big stack at the final table.

A player from Canada named Alexis Urli actually played in the PokerListings Battle of Malta last year but PokerStars has yet to confirm it’s the same person.

The overall numbers were buoyed by the fact PokerStars switched the event to a re-entry tournament just for the 10th Anniversary special.

Here’s a complete look at the final-table payouts for the final table (* reflects four-way deal):

1. a.urli (Canada) $970,000.00*
2. mladenova62 (Bulgaria) $650,000.00*
3. prophetdream (South Korea) $678.517.78*
4. canario508 (Argentina) $560,000.00*
5. ThreeBetting (United Kingdom) $318,415.00
6. Superfizzy (Germany) $235,653.62
7. AttiIa88 (Russia) $174,402.68
8. TottiLitti (Finland) $129,071.51
9. Torsvik (Norway) $95,522.96

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