50 Tickets Added to Exclusive TCOOP Phase 1 Satellite on Jan. 20!


Want to play for a guaranteed $1.5 million prize pool in Event #1 of the 2016 PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker?

It starts with a ticket to Phase 1 and you can win one via PokerListings for just $1.10!

The $15m TCOOP starts in three days and you can get yourself in on the exact right foot in our exclusive Phase 1 satellite.

With just a $1.10 buy-in the Hyper Turbo tournament runs on Jan. 20 with 50 tickets to the $27 Phase 1 satellite up for grabs.

Win one of those tickets and you're immediately on the road to playing for a share of one of the biggest prize pools in the entire series.

50 Events, $15m GTD

If you're unsure how the TCOOP phases work here's a quick rundown.

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Barry G. would want you to.

Phase 1 costs $27 to enter. You get 5,000 chips to start and you can begin playing at any point - like right now.

Almost 4,000 entrants have already been registered.

You'll play 12 levels and if you get through those levels with a stack you move on to Phase 2, where you'll play another 12 levels.

If you still have a stack at the end of Phase 2, then you'll get to sit down and start playing for the $1.5m on January 21 at 1 pm ET.

All told the 2016 TCOOP will offer 50 events and $15m in guaranteed prize money capped by a $2m GTD Main Event on January 31.

Here are the details for our exclusive Satellite straight into Phase One of Event #1:

  • PokerListings TCOOP Event 1 Satellite
  • January 20, 1:02 ET
  • Hyper Turbo, $1.10 buy-in
  • 50 tickets added ($1,350 value)
  • ID: 1448404744
  • Open to all with Password: PLTCOOP

If you've yet to open a PokerStars account, head to our PokerStars review page to download via one of our links for a great sign-up bonus and access to our exclusive freerolls.

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