1 Simple Move to Improve Your Shortstack Poker Strategy (Video)

Stop and Go Play
Put more chips in your stack, without putting yourself at risk of elimination.

The stop and go play is a simple move that can help you survive when you're shortstacked in a poker tournament and you can learn it in less than three minutes.

This video breaks down the basics of the stop and go and shows you when and how it's best put to use.

When you have less than ten big blinds, a common strategy is to just move all-in before the flop when you pick up a decent hand. The stop and go is a way to mitigate the risk of putting your entire stack at risk.

The easiest way to use the stop and go is when you're in the big blind and someone has raised in late position. Instead of moving all-in, just call the raise and move all-in on the flop regardless of what cards come.

This is an effective move for a couple different reasons.

Imagine your opponent raises before the flop. If you re-raise all-in for eight or ten big blinds he's getting a good price to call with a really wide range of hands.

Chances are you'll be all-in with somewhere between a 40% and 60% chance of getting eliminated.

By just calling opponent's you set yourself up to move all-in on the flop and force your opponent to fold a lot of hands he would have been correct to call with preflop.

Keep reading here for a more detailed study of the stop and go play.

Watch The Stop and Go Play and More Poker Strategy Power Moves

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