Yoga of Poker: Andrew ‘LuckyChewy’ Lichtenberger’s Gem Stands Alone

Poker players are on different levels.

Most of them mill around a few yards apart.

Then you have a strata that are not as good. And at the top you have a few who are masters of their art.

I believe humanness is the same. There is a large flock of sheep that blindly follow where society points its crooked finger, a whole lot of levels below, and a few less scalable above.

Whilst in poker your placement on the scale is generally indicative of your mastery of the game. In terms of humanness, though, it’s all about getting ‘it.'

I’m not quite sure what ‘it’ is yet. I haven’t reached that level. Andrew ‘LuckyChewy’ Lichtenberger has. 

The Yoga of Poker

“Lee, Best wishes in your journey to wholeness. With love. Chewy.”

On a different path today.

That’s the message inscribed on the first page of my copy of Yoga of Poker: A High Stakes Journey to Freedom by Andrew Lichtenberger.

On a different path today.

You don’t often see a man wish another man love. It’s not the done thing.

But Chewy doesn’t follow societal norms - not anymore.

It was a good start to the book as well. Every single page is filled with love.

It’s a small book. 55 pages - more of a snack than a banquet. But it surprised me.

I had no idea that Chewy was so articulate in terms of getting his ideas down on paper.

They are formulated into 11 different chapters, each guiding you to find the answers within.

I bet most of you aren’t even looking. And the ones that are don’t know where to start.

Yoga of Poker Stands Alone

We're all seeking freedom in different ways.

He talks about his upbringing. Not from a milestone-by-milestone point of view, but more generically.

From a beginning based on the rules of a society that reward hard work with material wealth and a belief that happiness emerges from that tainted place.

His chapters cover deep and meaningful insights into the importance of joy, freedom, health, love, patience, value, power and trust.

How he developed the skills to learn to embrace all of these things and some tips on how you can follow suit.

On Joy:

"When I was falling victim to peer pressure, or allowing false parts of my consciousness to dictate my actions, I didn’t feel true joy.

"Trusting my intuitive nature and realigning myself with unconditional love always brings me experiences of joy.

"By acknowledging that there is no lack, and that we are all provided for in every possible way, I’m able to tune in to feelings of abundance and joy.”

On Freedom:

“Seeking freedom is what we are all doing in life through different means.”

On Health:

“Through my openness to accept change, and trusting that from the earth comes everything I need, I decided to change my dietary habits.”

On Love:

“Living and playing poker with an unconditionally loving attitude and outlook is a life-changing experience to uplift and expand consciousness of yourself and those around you.”

The only poker book on the market that even comes close to resembling the contents of Chewy’s little gem is Elements of Poker by Tommy Angelo.

But really, this book stands alone as unique in this industry.

A Different Energy Around Lucky Chewy

Andrew Lichtenberger
He's come a long way. But still make sure he's on your right.

I truly believe, as time fades away, the edges in our great game will grow more and more blunt.

When this happens, and skill doesn’t become the determining factor in success, there are two things that you need to hope are on your side.

The first is a good supply of luck; the second is to have the clearer state of mind. That’s why this book is so important.

From a man who claims he used to over-complicate things, and caused himself unnecessary pain by rushing through life, he has come a long way.

There is a different energy around him these days. It’s like an aura. There is always a smile, an open ear, and a great connection.

If it’s true that you are the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with, then you should cross your fingers and hope to be seated at the same table as this very thoughtful, spiritual and articulate young man.

Just make sure that he's to the right of you. And even then you'd better hope that luck is on your side.

Who knows? You may even get a free copy of this tremendous book.

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