WSOP 3-Bet: Trashing Tobey, Insane Matusow Penalty, Brazilians Amped

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look Molly Bloom shredding Tobey Maguire in her new book, Matusow getting hit with a controversial penalty and Brazilians in Las Vegas for the WSOP are pretty darn excited for the start of the World Cup.

1) Bloom Rips Maguire in Molly's Game

Tobey Maguire
Tobey Maguire in the 2007 WSOP Main Event.

We’ve been waiting for so called “Poker Princess” Molly Bloom’s tell-all memoir about the massive Hollywood game she ran to drop and a snippet released to Vanity Fair did not disappoint.

In the excerpt Bloom talks about starting the infamous game that allegedly included Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire, Leonardo Decaprio, Todd Phillips and Jamie Gold (Bloom used first names).

Interestingly it’s Maguire who came across less than flattering. Apparently he demanded the dealer use his personal shuffling machine, generally had a bad attitude while losing and even propositioned Bloom to bark like a seal for a tip.

Suddenly it all makes sense that he used to dodge our camera at the WSOP by covering his face.

The book comes out June 24. Some of the other tidbits Bloom drops in the article:

  • Director Todd Phillips was frequently the biggest tipper
  • Jamie Gold was one of the few pros allowed in the game
  • Quite often there was millions on the table
  • Bloom denied pros entry, even when they offered her cash just to get in 

2) Matusow Hit with “One of the Worst Rulings Ever”

Mike Matusow

Mike “The Mouth” Matusow is known for being one of the loudest players at the table but last night was apparently too much and the WSOP gave him a one round penalty for excessive celebration in the $2.5k Omaha-8/Stud-8.

The entire poker world seems to disagree with the ruling.

Matusow himself said it was one of the worst penalties he had ever seen called at the poker table.

Matusow, who is a former dealer, said he got excited after raking in a 200k pot and cheered “Yes” several times. He was then hit with a one round penalty. He claimed it was unlikely poker stars Daniel Negreanu or Phil Ivey would have received the same treatment.

Joe Tehan, Owais Thomas Keller and even Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro have voiced their support for Matusow:

"Worst penalty I've ever seen was given tonight to @themouthmatusow. So unfair, especially when we're playing for so much $$".— Joseph (@JoeTehan) June 12, 2014

"Mike Matusow is one of the reasons the @wsop is famous. His outgoing personality attracts a lot of fans. To give him a penalty for cheering."— Owais Ahmed (@oerockets) June 12, 2014

"Players should stand up and voice out against staff that make bad decisions in key moments like this. UNACCEPTABLE" @WSOPTD— Owais Ahmed (@oerockets) June 12, 2014

"@themouthmatusow Mike is the king!"— Dave Navarro (@DaveNavarro) June 12, 2014

3) World Cup Begins, Brazilian Poker Pros Understandably Excited

The FIFA World Cup always has a special place at the WSOP as the international crowd flocks to TV sets scattered around the Amazon Room to support their home country.

This year no one is more excited than the Brazilian poker pros who had to leave home just as the World Cup was starting to make a living playing poker at the WSOP.

It’s going to be a tough month for the Brazilian pros but at the very least Andre Akkari seems to have recruited the WSOP’s Nolan Dalla to the yellow, blue and green.


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