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Sofia Lövgren Fullmer

Sofia Lövgren Fullmer

Sofia Lövgren Fullmer is a professional poker player who is active in the poker industry for almost two decades now, and in which she has contributed to expand the poker community throughout her ambassadorships with PKR and 888Poker beforehand, but also by sharing all her (travel) experiences with the whole wide world through her social media pages, and above all, her amazing character being present at so many events.

Getting to know Poker

About 17 years ago, Sofia got interested into poker by watching an American tv-show called ‘Poker Night America’ together with her dad and her brothers. Soon after that they bought a poke chip set and started playing with family and friends at home. One day, her brother showed her a freeroll tournament online and after winning one of the first she played, she instantly fell in love with the game. Building her bankroll from a tiny $2 freeroll win, she tried to climb up the stakes with bankroll management starting out with $0,05/$0,10 blinds, back in 2007. Roughly a year later she managed to play bigger stakes up to $0,25/$0,50, a year after that up to S1/$2 with some periods even on the $5/10$ and $10/$20 stakes.

Personal life

Poker is a life on its own, private life on the other hand, Is a huge factor in poker, so as for Sofia. The travelling and exploring new places are some things she absolutely loves to do. The alone time which comes with it, gives her time to read books, and work on her poker game and herself.  Embracing solidarity and to have time for reflection, meditation, and learning is crucial, so is working out and staying in good shape. It helps to stay sharp and energetic for the long days which are often happening throughout poker tournaments.

Sofia with her husband Michael

Above all this, she is a real a very grateful person for everything she achieved in poker and may experience year in year out. She mentions: ‘’I also meet up with friends on poker stops and am grateful for all the amazing people I have gotten to know throughout the years. I'm very grateful for my supportive family and friends. My husband loves poker too and he is very supportive. He makes me a better person and wants me to be at my best and reach my goals. I want the same for him. I am very focused on our goals and visualize goals and dreams in order to stay motivated, productive and to do my best.

I’m also very grateful to have amazing and supportive parents and siblings with who I have a very close relationship with. They also follow my poker journey from home when I'm playing a big live tournament.’’

Besides all this, she loves nature and playing sports in the likes of biking, sailing, skiing, playing golf, and take walks through the nature. As a big fan of food, she likes cooking and exploring all different kinds of cuisines as well.  When having a day off from everything she likes to play some kind of sports, going for a massage, read a book, walking with the dog in the nature, or watch some videos on Youtube. Hanging out with her newly husband and kids and watching a good movie together with a nice cheese plate is one of her favorite things to do.

Why do we think she deserves a spot in our Women in Poker Series?

  1. Sofia Lovgren is already for about 17 years active in the poker industry, in which she has promoted poker for the vast majority of that time.
  2. Her relentless work ethics in becoming a better poker player, but at the same time not forgetting where she is coming from and what she actually already has achieved. This describes Sofia following us perfectly.
  3. Ambassadorships are a huge factor in letting poker communities growing into its potentials. She has been part for many years in such cooperations to establish a better environment for poker players.
  4. The social media pages of Sofia Lövgren Fullmer are followed properly and therefor we are sure about her positive energy towards the poker crowd. The way she presents herself towards the poker community can only be admired.

Poker Achievements

Sofia at a poker table

Currently Sofia Lovgren is very active in live Cash Games, with stakes between $5/$10 and $10/$20, with attending some live events throughout the year. She has already collected some fine results in major live tournaments such as finishing 12th place out of about 7000 entrants in the $1,500 Millionaire Maker during the World Series of Poker, resulting in a fine payday of $75,109. Her biggest ever live cash was during the Wynn Millions in Las Vegas, collecting $94,272 for finishing 17th out of more than 1000 entrants. She could not make it happen against the likes of Shaun Deeb, Vanessa Kade and Sam Soveral, to name a few. She is currently #64 on the all-time money list of Sweden.

When looking on her registered live poker results you can see she has cashed in an incredible amount of tournaments, but the real big 6-figure cash still needs to happen, and when looking on all the effort she puts in herself to become a better player and to stay healthy and focused, we are absolutely positive this moment won’t be far away.

Women in Poker

Women in poker is still a thing these days. Since Sofia has been active in the poker world for many years, we can only have the highest appreciation for that, as it does not matter of which approach, it sadly remains a rough industry at times. With ambassadorships at PKR and 888Poker, among others, she has already meant so much to the poker community, especially the female player base. She is also very active on her social media pages, taking everyone on her poker experiences around the world.

Women in poker is really catching up nowadays. That's how Sofia realizes it as well; ''I think WPT did a great job in December ‘22 with the Wynn World Championship and the $1k televised Ladies Event. This was a very successful tournament and I'm sure many women watched the live stream and will be excited to take a shot next time. More events like this would be amazing and attract even more women into the game.’’

As an ambassador she knows exactly what is needed to raise attention for the poker game, and when asking her if there would be anything she could change in the poker community, she answered in an elegant manner with; ‘’ It would be nice to see more players be active in helping their communities through charitable events. The industry is one of the most generous and it would be great to see even more players get involved.’’

We would like to thank Sofia Lövgren Fullmer for her contribution to this article. She has given a detailed insight in her poker life, and can only adore the effort she puts in to not only keeping her game optimal, but also for continuously raising attention for the game.

Do you want to join Sofia on her trip around the world and follow all her poker results? Make sure to follow her social media pages:

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