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Sofia Lövgren

Sofia Lövgren

About Sofia Lövgren

Current ResidenceSingapore
BornMarch 4, 1990
Birth PlaceGothenburg, NV, Sweden
Total Winnings$607,990

Sofia Lövgren Trivia

  • She competed in a Bodybuilding competition as she has a great passion for Fitness.
  • Became PKR’s first ever female ambassador at 20-years-old.
  • Made her tv-debut together with Kitty Kuo in the poker documentary ‘’Girl got Game’’.
  • One of the highest profile female players in the world.
Player Score8,1/10
Side Games8
Steam Control9
Against Strong Players6
Against Weak Players8

Sofia Lövgren Poker Background

Back in the early days, during her youth, Sofia Lövgren went together with her brothers to play a lot of sports such as football, and she learned to become very competitive at a young age. By building up competitiveness and the love for sports, she built up the love of poker throughout the years. Introduced to online poker by one of her brothers, she was instantly hooked by the game and moved even here study to plan B, to accomplish her ambitions in the poker industry. Soon she turned her earnings made from freerolls, into a decent real money bankroll. Online poker was made for her.

Winning poker player Sofia Lövgren smiling at the poker table.

At the age of 20, after being part of the online poker world for a couple years, she got the opportunity to become PKR’s first ever female Ambassador. For the ones who never heard of PKR, this poker client the first ever to introduce the poker world to a 3D-environment online, as if you were part of a video game. In regards of this ambassadorship, she managed to start playing her first live tournaments as well, kicking off with the PaddyPower Irish Poker Open in 2010, Dublin. Finishing 29th in a field of 708 entries, locking in her first live cash for $13,215.

Later, in 2012, she participated for the first time at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. With a couple of decent cashes, she set the tone for herself and made her first steps in the live circuit. Something which she keeps on doing until the day of today. Travelling, competitiveness and love for the game is what she stands for, and that is exactly what she could do when signing a new contract as an ambassador, this time for 888poker, roughly two years later as her first real ambassador contract within the industry.

Throughout her whole career, Sofia is not the kind of player who is conquering every single tournament. She has so many in-the-money finishes, but the real notable finishes are not to be counted on one hand. As she says herself, she is a real cash-game player. She managed to boost her roll through cash games and never backed down from that. But in tournaments, especially live, it is not what she hoped for. Regardless of her results, she remained the face of 888poker for about 8 years.

Still, she has some great results as well throughout the period, with for example finishing 12th place out of about 7000 entrants in the $1,500 Millionaire Maker during the WSOP, good for $75,109.

888poker Team Pro

Within her 8 years, she has not only travelled a lot for the tournaments, but also relocated to Singapore, Asia. Where she, until this day, is still residing and now together with her fiancé Michael Fullmer, who also plays poker when his usual profession lets him, as being a businessman in Software engineering. 888poker is one of the leading poker sites in the world, and they were amazed to have the opportunity to have the, back then 22-years-old, rising female poker super star adding to their brand. 888poker has always been on the top and still is, one of poker finest sites to play on. Sofia shared not only her passion for the game, but also her fine character to boost the game to another level. Throughout the years she was part of so many tournaments all over the world, making her have all she wished for, turning her hobby into her profession. It gave her time to not only satisfy her love to see new places, but also to have an excellent work/life balance. 888poker encouraged her by giving her the partnership she was looking for as a member of Team Pro. With mutual consent they stopped the collaboration after 8 years, but she has not finished what she started just yet.

Girl Got Game

After her periods with PKR and 888poker, Sofia had promised her fans on social media, to keep them informed about everything she is experiencing during her life, but of course mainly giving insights from her poker career. In 2016 she featured a poker documentary which challenged female poker players physically and mentally, called Girl Got Game, starring Kitty Kuo as well. A documentary where poker girls had to face their fears by for example eating crickets and worms.

Biggest Live Score

During the Wynn Millions in Las Vegas, Sofia noted her biggest live cash to date for a staggering $94,272! After competing several days with the likes of Shaun Deeb, Vanessa Kade, Isaac Kempton, Sam Soverel and Chino Rheem, she managed to finish 17th out of 1075 entrants. Just short of the first prize of $1,655,952.  She moved up the Swedish all-time money list up to the 64th place to date.

You want to follow Sofia and her poker career? Make sure to follow her on one of her socials:

www.twitter.com/sofia_lovgren (13,6K followers)

www.facebook.com/sofia.lovgren.10 (4,2K followers)

www.instagram.com/sofialvn/ (23,7K followers)

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