Who is Hunting SCOOP Titles on PokerStars?

Who is Hunting SCOOP Titles on PokerStars?

Perhaps the most prestigious online tournament series in the world, are the COOP series on PokerStars. Various editions such as the Turbo series, World series, are a known given for every single poker player. Now, its time for SCOOP, also called Spring Championship Of Online Poker. The action has been truly amazing so far, with one guaranteed prize pool being crushed, after the other. We will take a closer look to the high roller versions of the tournaments.

It's the one tournament series where every pure online poker grinder is looking out for. A tournament series always during the month prior to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, for fifteen years now! Up until just a couple years ago, the COOP-events on PokerStars had been truly unique, as every tournament was available in different buy-in levels (Low-Medium-High). Since the last few years, every other operator is doing the same, or more different tiers.

PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo

PokerStars might not be the current market leader when it comes to player traffic. The prestige of the COOP-events will always be remembered by every single online poker player, unless they committed themselves to other purposes such as ambassadorships with other operators. Online crushers such as Adrian 'Amadi_017' Mateos, Simon '€urop€an' Vousden, Patrick 'pads1161' Leonard, Simon 'C.Darwin2' Mattsson, roo_400, Aleksejs 'APonakov' Ponakovs, Dimitar 'KuuL'Danchev, Niklas 'Lena900' Astedt, Bert 'Girafganger7' Stevens, Benny Glaser, Jon Kyte, and Christian 'WATnlos' Rudolph, are the furniture of these series and taking home most of the titles. Put all of these in one tournament, and you will have the best poker at the online tables which you have ever witnessed.

To add to this, it's Adrian Mateos who seems to have been running extremely efficient these days, resulting already in a title and many honourable scores. For example, he did not win the Mystery Bounty event, but managed to take the biggest bounty of $100,000, and second place in the end.

PokerStars SCOOP 2024

Team PokerStars Pro

Of course, the sponsored players of PokerStars, including Barny Boatman and recently added member Kenny Hallaert, cannot be missed in any of the events. The army of top-notch online players, and above all great entertainers which are wisely chosen, have even got their own leader board during this SCOOP series. In fact, four of the ambassadors going by the likes of Lex Veldhuis, Fintan Hand, Benjaming Spragg, and Parket Talbot, all had the privilege of selecting their own 'Dream Team' for this SCOOP series. Currently, Lex Veldhuis is leading, closely followed by Benjamin Spragg.

Both of the leaders already had been super close to one of the prestigious titles, coming short in completing the mission. Perhaps it won't take long before they can add their names to the Winner's list below!

May 5$530 SCOOP 02-HSimon '€urop€an' Vousden$38,443.96
May 5$2,100 Sunday Warm-Up 03-HDingeBrinker$79,351.60
May 5$5,200 Titans PSKO Event 04-HAdrian 'Amadi_017' Mateos$144,622.30
May 5$1,050 PLO 05-HOldejan$38,096.00
May 5$1,050 NLHE 06-HSintoras$59,207.64
May 5$530 PSKO Sunday Cooldown 07-Hluisdono$45,782.65
May 6$1,050 NLHE 08-H.COM??LOL$72,366.28
May 6$1,050 HORSE 09-HRenan 'Internett93o' Bruschi$16,733.40
May 6$530 NLHE PSKO 10-Hzelvavegas$47,141.66
May 6$320 Fenomeno HR 11-HBigM_King17$32,804.02
May 6$1,050 Daily Cooldown 12-HJonathan 'x_zola25' Skovsen$44,687.28
May 7$320 Action Starter 13-Hgoranfrasveriga$10,950.21
May 7$215 NLHE 14-HEzBirdie$39,976.88
May 7$530 NL 5-Card Draw PSKO 15-HNiv-Mizzet D$9,011.91
May 7$10,300 Super Tuesday HR 16-HSimon 'C.Darwin2' Mattsson$186,237.73
May 7$1,050 PLO 17-HImbajimbaa$30,199.68
May 7$2,100 NLHE PSKO 18-HCeis25$49,246.89
May 7$530 NLHE PSKO 19-HVop4444$38,654.28
May 8$215 Action Starter 20-Hslabinson66$20,922.22
May 8$320 NLHE PSKO 21-HVincentFirst$35,446.28
May 8$5,200 Wednesday Mystery 22-HJans 'Graftekkel' Arends$49,538.25
May 8$1,050 NLO8 PSKO 23-Hdlampard$23,623.36
May 8$1,050 NLHE PSKO 24-Haferrao147$45,031.75
May 8$530 Fenomeno HR 25-Hchubb10$30,571.62
May 9$530 NLHE Deep Stacks 26-Hhellzito$43,380.17
May 9$1,050 FLO8 27-HJanStenbeck$15,811.14

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