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Western Union & Top Poker Sites That Accept Western Union

When Western Union formed as a company way back in 1855 there was likely no one alive who could have possibly envisioned it would still be around 160 years later, still performing essentially the same service – only now by beaming digits to a satellite and beaming them back around the world.


The original telegraph and telegram company has kept a strong foothold in the money transfer industry, modernized along with the rest of the financial world and is now a full-service monetary services company offering transactions in over 200 countries and over 130 currencies.

With 550,000 agent locations and over 150,000 ATMs and kiosks Western Union customers transferred over $150 billion in 2017 alone. A decent portion of that was used to transfer money to online poker sites as Western Union remains a safe, secure and reliable means of making a poker deposit.

Top Poker Rooms that accept Western Union

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What is Western Union?

From one of the oldest money transfer agencies in the world Western Union has evolved into a world leader in global payment services. Western Union helps people and businesses move money, completing more than 800 million transactions in 2017. Western Union customers can transfer money from person-to-person, person-to-business and business-to-business via:

  • Online payments
  • Western Union mobile app for iPhone and Android
  • In person at a Western Union kiosk
  • By phone at 1-800-CALL-CASH

You can also receive money:

  • In person at a Western Union kiosk
  • Directly into your bank account
  • Sent to a mobile wallet
  • Loaded onto a pre-paid card

Via Western Union you can also make bill payments and buy money orders.

Why Use Western Union?

If you're a poker player that's ever had a deposit denied by an online poker site for one reason or another you know how important a safe, secure and reliable deposit method can be. You want to know you can get the money you need to play with deposited in a proper way - even if it takes a bit of time.

Western Union, then, provides an essential service to poker players in poorly served markets or for those who just simply don't want to connect their credit card or bank account to an online poker account. Western Union is accepted at a number of poker sites around the world and and has a steadfast reputation for safe and secure money transfers.

If you don't want to deal with online transactions you can simply walk into any Western Union kiosk with cash, give them cash and your poker account information and wait for the money to arrive in your account within a few minutes.

Why Use Western Union for Poker Site Transactions

  • Convenient way to deposit money at poker sites that won't accept credit cards
  • Deposits are private and anonymous and you don't need to reveal your credit card or bank info
  • Withdrawals are also possible in some cases (transaction times are longer and depend on the poker site)
  • Western Union has a mobile app, pre-paid card or online transfer services you can take advantage of you can use for making deposits via smartphone or tablet
  • Transactions are possible in over 130 currencies
  • Western Union typically charges a flat fee so can be cost effective for larger deposits

Western Union Poker FAQs

  • How Do I Set Up a Western Union Account?

    Registering a new Western Union online account is fast and easy. It's also free. It takes just a minutes and all you need to fill in is some basic information. You can then send money online 24/7, although you will still pay a fee for each transaction.Registering an account is also valuable if you plan to use Western Union frequently for both poker deposits and other money transfers as you'll earn points and discounts. You'll earn 30 My WU points for each qualifying money transfer or Quick Collect payment sent and 10 My WU points for each qualifying money transfer received. Redeem 100 My WU points and you can get a $3 service fee reduction.
  • How Do I Make a Western Union Cash Poker Deposit?

    If you want to keep your online poker deposits anonymous you can use Western Union to make real-cash deposits into your online poker account. First, head to your nearest Western Union store (you can search online at the Western Union website for the nearest location online to you) and ask for a deposit form. Bring official government ID, the poker room's account number, Code City and POS name (all of this is available in the Cashier page of the online poker site). Pay the amount you want to deposit plus the transaction fee Wait until your payment arrives in your poker account (this normally takes 15-30 minutes) Enter your MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) given to you on the receipt and you're ready to play!
  • Which Poker Sites Accept Western Union?

    Many poker sites around the world accept Western Union for both deposits and withdrawals, although withdrawals can be a trickier process. As a licensed and regulated global payment processor Western Union operates in over 200 countries and is considered one of the most secure and effective payment transfer methods. Western Union has also, in the past, been a useful method for sending payments to online poker sites in the US where credit cards aren't accepted. Sending money to gambling sites via Western Union is technically against their terms of service but it has been known to work.
  • Can I Deposit with a Western Union Mobile App?

    Yes, Western Union has a very easy-to-use and secure mobile app you can use to make money transfers from your smart phone. It's available for both iOs and Android. If an online poker site accepts Western Union deposits it will be listed in the drop-down menu on its cashier page.
  • Are There Any Fees for Using Western Union?

    There's no fee to set up a Western Union account but there is a fee for each transaction you perform. As mentioned above you can earn service fee reductions by collecting and cashing in your WU points.
  • How Safe and Secure is Western Union?

    Very. Western Union is the oldest money transfer business in the world and is very good at what it does. Transactions happen smoothly 99% of the time and there is little risk of your account or your payment being compromised.
  • Are there Deposit & Withdrawal Limits for Western Union Poker Sites?

    Yes. Most poker sites have both deposit and withdrawals limits and even if Western Union's limit is higher you still will have to abide by the poker site limits.
  • Can I Get a Western Union Online Poker Bonus?

    Yes for sure. Getting an online poker bonus is completely independent of any deposit method you use to fund your poker account. Just be sure to enter the proper poker bonus code when you create your account.

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