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If you were born after 1960 there likely hasn't been a time in your life when you didn't know what a Visa card.

One of the first and most ubiquitous credit cards in history Visa is a worldwide phenomenon and embedded in our financial lexicon.

As the old saying goes it's "Everywhere You Want to Be," and that includes online poker. If you live in a licensed jurisdiction like the UK or Europe chances are pretty good you can just punch in your card details like any online transaction and away you go.

That being said you might not be able to use your standard Visa credit card to make direct online poker deposits in other countries. Given the legal status of online poker in Canada and the USA, for example, there's a relatively decent chance your standard Visa credit card deposit won't go through (unless you live in New Jersey, Nevada or Delaware).

But as it is 2019 the array of financial products Visa now has to offer provides a host of different means to make online poker deposits and withdrawals including Visa Gift Cards, Vanilla Visa Pre-Paid Cards and Visa's point-of-sale debit card, Visa Electron.

If you're persistent and draw on the advice of your friendly online poker customer support team if things don't work at first, you'll more than likely find a way to make a poker deposit with some form of Visa card. 

Advantages of Visa Poker Sites

  • Accepted at most if not all poker sites in some form (credit, Visa Electron or pre-paid card)
  • Multiple card options in most countries
  • Accepted in more than 200 countries and territories
  • Sure-fire fraud and card/purchase protection
  • Most (if not all) poker sites waive fees for Visa poker deposits
  • With proper ID and age verification deposits available in online poker account instantly
  • Withdrawals can be available for some cards (although withdrawals typically take longer - 3+ business days)
  • Easy-to-use with mobile app and for "Fast Deposits" on the go
  • Earn travel points if you have a Travel Card
  • Currency exchanges are automatically calculated

Visa Poker FAQs

 How Do I Get a Visa Credit Card?

Standard Visa credit cards are issued via local banks and come in various styles and limits from the Visa Classic up to the Visa Gold, Platinum, Infinite and Infinite Privilege.

As you move up the ranks your benefits and credit limits obviously increase but so do your yearly fees. You'll need to apply through your bank to get a Visa credit card but once you're approved you're free to use for online purchases.


As mentioned, though, it will depend on the country you live in whether your Visa credit card will be accepted by an online poker site. In most countries across the EU the answer is likely yes.

 How Long Does It Take to Get a Visa Card?

As long as you're past the minimum age (18) and have a clean credit history you should be able to get a Visa credit card within a reasonable length of time. As you prove yourself to be a reliable customer and pay your minimum payments every month your credit limit will increase and your perks and benefits may be upgraded.

Getting a pre-paid Visa or getting a Visa Electron debit card set-up is likely quicker.

 How Do I Get a Vanilla Visa Pre-Paid Card, Visa Debit or Visa Electron Card?

For those who don't have a Visa credit card or don't want to use theirs for online poker transactions Visa offers a number of different financial products that are excellent options for online poker deposits.

One of the most popular is the "pre-paid" Visa or "Vanilla" Visa. These have all the same features of a credit card for using online (secure card numbers, embedded chips, CVV codes etc) but have a pre-paid balance on them rather than a "credit" issued you can spend and pay for later.

Vanilla Visas, for example, can be purchased a various retailers and come in increments of $25, $50, $100 and $200. You pay a small fee (usually about $5) when you buy one. You can then use it to deposit up to the card limit at an online poker site.


Vanilla Visa cards are accepted at most online poker sites. A pre-paid Visa card is similar except again you need to apply to get one set-up through your bank. You can then "pre-load" it with varied amounts (using cash, bank transfers, other credit cards, etc) and reload as needed.

Small fees are usually charged for loading a pre-paid Visa card but poker sites don't charge any fees for using them to deposit. 

Visa Debit Cards are set-up and connected to your bank account meaning you have a card and number similar to a Visa Credit Card that you can use for online transactions and ATM withdrawals but the money comes out of your account right away rather than "on credit" to be paid later.

Visa Electron is a Visa Debit Card for customers outside of the USA, Canada, Australia and Ireland. You must have the actual funds on hand to use a Visa Debit or Visa Electron card.

 How Do I Make a Visa Poker Deposit?

As anyone who's tried to load up an online poker account likely knows, making a poker site deposit with a Visa credit card can be hit-or-miss. In some countries online gambling "rules" have made it so Visa credit cards are denied. In some countries it's not an issue at all.

The best thing you can do at first, though, is try.

  • If you have an online poker account already, log in (If you don't have an online poker account yet sign up via our review links for great poker bonuses)
  • Navigate to the “cashier” page of follow the "make a deposit" link
  • Find the Visa logo in the payment methods menu
  • Click on it
  • Fill in the required card details (name of cardholder, card number, expiry date and 3-digit CVV2 number)
  • Decide the amount you want to deposit (your own credit limit applies, obv.). 
  • Click "submit"
  • Wait and see if it goes through

If you have a pre-paid Visa Card, Visa Gift Card or Visa Electron debit card, follow the exact same steps and pick the Visa option you have from the menu.

Your deposit more than likely will go through but if the transaction isn't approved right away, contact the poker site’s customer support team for help. They'll guide you through any other payment options available to you.

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 Which Poker Sites Accept Visa, Visa Pre-Paid or Visa Electron? 

As mentioned above, Visa is one of the most universally accepted payment methods in the world and accepted in over 200 countries. So most poker sites accept it in some form or another.

Your Visa credit card might not be your first option but a pre-paid Visa, Vanilla Visa or Visa Electron debit card with almost certainly be accepted by the poker site of your choosing.

Check the toplist above for our poker site reviews and see which sites accept Visa.

If your Visa card isn't accepted directly at the poker site itself you can always open up a third-party eWallet account at Neteller, Skrill or PayPal, for example, and load your account via your Visa. Then you can transfer to the poker site.

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 Can I Use a Visa Gift Card for Online Poker? 

 As Visa gift cards are essentially pre-paid Visa debit cards they should be accepted at most poker sites. Simply follow the same procedure as above, enter the card details accurately and your deposit should go through instantly.

If not, contact your poker site's customer support team (there's usually a link right there on the deposit page to do so) and they will help sort you out.

 Can I Use Visa for Mobile Online Poker? 

Yes, Visa is a very smooth and easy way to deposit via a poker site's mobile software. You'll still need to go through the standard approval process and prove the card is yours before your deposits will go through but once it's registered and approved using it via mobile is no different.


 Are There Any Downsides to Using a Visa Card?

Well, if your Visa credit card is denied then that's definitely a hassle. Using a pre-paid Visa or Vanilla Visa will cost you a small amount in fees. But otherwise Visa is a great option as it's quick, safe and seamless for moving money around online.

The approval process for both getting a Visa credit card and for being verified by the poker site can take a bit of time so don't expect to have your Visa deposit happen in 5 minutes your first time.

Withdrawals may or may not be available via your Visa card so check with each poker site. Other conditions for withdrawals may also apply. For PokerStars New Jersey, for example, you can withdraw to your Visa card but you must have made a deposit with that card within the past 12 months.

 Is My Visa Poker Deposit Secure?

Very. As with any online Visa transaction the highest-level encryption and security safeguards are in place. Visa also offers a ton of cardholder protections including:

  • Zero Liability Policy for unauthorized transactions
  • "verified by Visa" protocol to ensure it's only you making the transaction
  • several added levels of security - eg monitoring for suspicious transactions via neural networks
  • 24/7 customer support

As a pre-paid Visa or Vanilla Visa can be a one-time use card that also ensures no future fraud can take place and your deposit is anonymous. As always standard precautions - keeping your card numbers safe, never sharing your PIN) - should be taken.

 Are There Deposit and Withdrawal Limits with Visa?

Deposit minimums for Visa cards can be pretty low so you can typically deposit as little as $10. Deposit maximums depend on your credit limit and the poker site.

For a pre-paid Visa or Visa Electron your deposit limit is obviously the value of the card or your own bank funds. Withdrawal limits very per poker site.

 Can I Get a Visa Online Poker Bonus?

Yes of course. Online poker bonuses aren't related to your deposit method. As long as you download the software via the proper link or enter the current poker bonus code your online poker bonus is yours to play for.

 Can I Use Visa for a US Poker Deposit?


Yes, with the condition of course that you live or are within the state boundaries of one of the 4 US states with legal online poker (New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware & Pennsylvania). Even within those states you may not be able to use all forms of Visa cards to make a deposit though.

A pre-paid Visa card is usually your best best in the US or paying directly via the cashier of a casino.

Many poker payment methods are available to US players in those 4 states, though like third-party eWallets like Neteller and Skrill so it's best to check with any of the legal poker sites operating in those states (see our list of US poker sites here) what their preferred deposit methods are.

Unlicensed poker sites like Bovada Poker will also accept major credit cards although it obviously comes with a certain level of risk.

 Can I Use Visa on PokerStars?

Yes, but only if you live in a state or country where online poker is licensed and regulated. Check PokerStars' real-money information page and/or its cashier page to see if Visa is an option for you. 

If a standard Visa isn't an option many varieties of Visa debit or pre-paid cards usually are.

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 Can I Use Visa on 888poker or partypoker?

Yes; same conditions apply as for PokerStars. It might depend on the country you live in but both major sites currently accept Visa deposits in many forms.

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