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Trustly poker sites maintain secure, real-time trusted payments to manage your poker bankroll. To explain how it works, why it’s trustworthy, and which sites are best, check out our Trustly review below.

Trustly poker sites are true to their name - trustworthy. Firstly, because Trustly payments provide a degree or separation between your bank account and poker account. So, this payment processor adds an additional layer of protection that direct bank transfers can’t offer. For this reason alone, Trustly gaming sites have thrived in recent years.

What is Trustly?

The Trustly money transfer system was developed in 2008 by Swedish company known as Trustly. It was set up to make online payments safer and more efficient. It’s able to do this by acting as a middleman. When you make a Trustly transfer, you’re paying the company and not the merchant. In other words, you send money to Trustly and Trustly pays your chosen gambling site.

Trustly Poker Sites

How Trustly Works

Because Trustly acts as a middleman, you’re not actually sending money directly from your bank to a gaming site. Even though all regulated poker, casino and betting sites are safe, some people want an extra layer of protection. Trustly provides that by sitting in between you and the operator. It also controls that entire payment process.

That means it checks and verifies your identity and the transaction. It does this faster than a bank, which means transactions can be processed in less time. Moreover, it means gambling sites don’t have to carry out the same checks. Thus, the KYC (Know Your Customer) bit is handled via Trustly. Again, this speeds up transactions.

The system itself works on the basis of trust. Trustly pays the merchant immediately because it trusts you to pay them. Conversely, the merchant will pay Trustly who, in turn, pays you because everyone in the chain trusts each other. That’s great news for you because it not only means your payments are safe, it means transactions are processed faster.

Is Trustly Safe?

Trustly is extremely safe. The company is regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. That means every Trustly deposit and withdrawal complies with strict banking standards. On top of this, there’s the inherent security of having a middleman in between you and a gaming site. Not to mention, it allows you extra privacy because it simply shows up as a Trustly transaction on your bank statement. So you can effectively mask your poker payments if you wish to. Finally, Trustly casinos, poker and betting sites will all use SSL encryption technology and other security features to keep you safe.

Trustly vs PayPal, iDeal, Zimpler and Swish

Available CountriesInternationalEuropeNetherlandsInternationalSweden
Deposit FeesNoneVariesNoneNoneNone
eWallet AvailableNONONOYESNO
Defining FeatureEnables instant bank transfers.Transfer using your phone number.Bank transfers using 2FA.World largest eWallet.Transfer via phone number or QR codes.

How to Make a Trustly Deposit

To really understand how Trustly online banking works, let's look at the deposit process in action:

  1. Click GET NOW to access the Trustly app and register an account.
  2. Create your Trustly login details.
  3. Link your Trustly account to your bank.
  4. Visit one of our recommended Trustly online poker sites. (Register for an account if you haven’t).
  5. Open the Cashier page and select Trustly. 
  6. This will take you to your online banking page. From here, initiate a deposit.
  7. Confirm the Trustly payment using the two-step verification process.
  8. Wait for Trustly to send the money to your poker account.
  9. To make a withdrawal, reverse the process by telling the poker site to withdraw to your Trustly wallet.

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Trustly FAQ

  • Does Trustly charge any transaction fees?

    You don’t have to pay Trustly fees when you make deposits or withdrawals at online gambling sites. Some banks may charge a small fee but it’s rare.
  • What is the deposit limit for Trustly?

    The minimum deposit with Trustly will be between $ 5-10. A single Trustly withdrawal will be within the same range. Because this processor handles the entire process, the Trustly transfer time for deposits and withdrawals is virtually instant. Thus, it’s one of the fastest online poker payment processors you can use.
  • Can I use Trustly in the US?

    Yes. Trustly is available in multiple countries across Europe, North America and beyond. Therefore, you can use the Trustly eWallet in the US, Canada, Australia and elsewhere in the world.
  • Is Trustly legit and safe?

    Yes. This company is overseen by Sweden’s financial regulator. What’s more, it handles all the ID checks to ensure every payment is safe and legit. In fact, you and/the merchant can even get a Trustly refund in certain instances where something goes wrong.
  • Is there any cashback with Trustly?

    Not at this time.

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