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The Top 10 Poker Coaches in the World 2023

The Top 10 Poker Coaches in the World 2023

In a poker industry that is rife with cash grabs posed as poker education, it could be tough in knowing which poker coaches to trust out there. We’ve gone through the hassle to rank the best poker coaches in the world, looking at both the lead founder/poker coach and putting their career and poker success with their poker coaching site and brand. Some names will be familiar and other poker coaches may be lesser known, but all ten have earned their right to be in the top poker coach discussion. Here are the top ten poker coaches in the world:

#1 Benjamin ‘bencb789’ Rolle - Raise Your Edge 

Benjamin Rolle is arguably one of the greatest poker coaches in the world 2023 after the success of his Raise Your Edge poker training brand has become a measuring stick for poker training online. Benjamin has dominated the online poker high roller scene for the better part of a decade, playing nosebleed stakes and finding incredible success despite being put up against the toughest opponents in the world. 

Benjamin has consistently streamed and documented his poker experiences - you can find him almost every Sunday on Twitch grinding in the biggest stakes available and breaking down his thought process in each spot - it’s what separates him from the list and why I have put him as the best poker coach in the world. The ability to keep calm, explain your thought process and retain emotional composure whilst streaming to thousands is something incredible, and Bencb789 does it every weekend. 

How training and coaching website, Raise Your Edge has now become the premier place for both tournament and cash poker players go of all levels, seeking the goal of becoming a winning and high-performing poker player. Whether you are looking for in-depth analysis on 3-bet boards in MTTs or a holistic approach to playing 6-max cash games, Raise Your Edge ticks all of the boxes. The training site leans towards a holistic approach to poker coaching, trying to help their players overcome mental and physical obstacles as well as poker ones.

Benjamin Rolle.
Benjamin Rolle (Image Credit: Chasing Poker Greatness).

#2 Fedor Holz - Pokercode

Fedor Holz is one of the greatest poker minds of all time, having over $34 million in winnings and continuing to dominate in both the online and live poker realms. After his career of dominance, Holz became a co-founder and head coach of Pokercode, teaming up with well-known high-stakes crushers Matthias Eibinger and Steffen Sontheimer to create a holistic poker coaching site that can help you in both tournaments, cash, online and live poker

As a poker coaching resource, Pokercode has everything you could want and imagine. With Holz’s intelligent approach to poker and an eloquent way of putting those thoughts into words, you can find over 60 hours of poker coaching which delve from seminars and exercises to workshops and group study which is constantly updated. With a host of great coaches that have expertise in all poker areas, Pokercode is a complete training platform. Not only do you have the lead coach and one of the best to ever play in Fedor Holz, but you also have Matthias Eibienger who has over $11 million in tournament winnings, backed up by Simon Rønnow who has over $8 million himself. Pokercode has a whole host of tournament crushers, including Mario Mosbeck who won the 2021 SCOOP-M Main Event for $838,909 

It’s very tough to find many better coaches than a poker prodigy who ascended into the top 10 in live tournament earnings in his mid-20s, only to go on and create a coaching platform around the heuristics that brought him so much success. 

Fedor Holz
Fedor Holz (Image Credit: casino.org).

#3 Doug Polk - Upswing Poker

Doug Polk is one of the best ever to play the game of poker, in both the cash and tournament format. Donning the moniker ‘WCGRider’, Doug Polk went through the poker world in meticulous fashion, first crushing 9-handed and 6-max cash games online before dominating the heads-up cash games, even to the point where he beat an AI program. 

Once he found new challengers in the cash game streets hard to find, he went over the live tournament circuit where he would play on the biggest stages and find success against fields including Fedor Holz and Stephen Chidwick. The theory and strategy he employs in his coaching site Upswing Poker allows easy interchange between cash and tournaments, focusing more on the foundational and fundamental approach by a poker player opposed to running specific, rigid game plans. 

Doug Polk has gone on to win three bracelets in the World Series of Poker, winning a $1k Turbo No-Limit Hold’em event for $251,969 in 2014 and striking gold in the $1k Tag Team No-Limit Hold’em Championships with his Upswing co-founder Ryan Fee. His biggest and most notable success came in the 2017 $111,111 High Roller for One Drop No-Limit Hold’em bracelet, where he outlasted a 130-player field which included the likes of Rainer Kempe, Antonio Esfandiari and Martin Jacobson. 

Doug Polk created Upswing Poker in 2015 with fellow professional Ryan Fee, and has since built a coaching brand that is one of the most credible and respected sites in poker. There is a huge community of poker lovers and a selection of coaching content that ranges from courses, seminars, prebuilt ranges and hand analysis for every single format. Doug Polk has built a group of poker coaches which includes the likes of Nick Petrangelo, Dylan Weisman, Kane Kalas, Jake Abdalla, Ryan Riske, David ‘Miss Oracle’ Yan and Gary ‘GazzyB123’ Blackwood. This shows that there is a huge breadth of skill and experience for every single poker format, whether you want to crush the PokerStars Zoom cash pools or learn how to find more wins in your local $2/$5 cash game, there is something for everyone on Upswing Poker. 

Doug Polk.
Doug Polk (Image Credit: casinochecking.com).

#4 Phil Galfond - Run It Once

Following in the footsteps of the names mentioned previously in the list, Phil Galfond is a poker player steeped in the history of the game, etching his name in the upper echelons with the other poker greats who’s ability has translated across multiple eras of the card game. 

Starting with a $50 deposit in his online poker account, Phil Galfond has gone on to win over $8 million playing online poker cash games, as well as $3 million from live tournament earnings. The crowning moment of Galfond’s career came in 2008 when he crushed his way to the title in the 2008 $5k Pot-Limit Omaha bracelet and the $817,781 pay day that came with it. His poker brain has allowed him to not only dominate in the four-card arena, but also take his knowledge and strategies over to No-Limit Hold’em and Mixed Games too. 

After Black Friday put a dent in Phil Galfond’s online poker journey, he moved on to create Run It Once in 2012. Since then, Phil Galfond has released his as well as having over 160 pros like Galfond, Ben ‘Sauce123’ Sulsky, and Jason Koon create coaching seminars and courses helping players develop in all areas of poker. Run It Once made it a focus to release 2 poker coaching videos per day since their inception, which has led to over 7,000 pieces of poker coaching content. This combined with the smooth, articulate and strategical approach from Phil Galfond makes his coaching brand one of the best in poker. 

Phil Galfond.
Phil Galfond (Image Credit: Highstakes DB).

#5 Bart Hanson - Crush Live Poker

Bart Hanson is a professional poker player and lead coach that has over 15 years experience of making a living at the green felt. Having risen through the stakes in the Los Angeles poker cash games scene, he is someone who knows exactly what it requires to apply the best fundamentals when it comes to bankroll management, fundamental poker approaches and poker etiquette in order to be a winning live poker cash player

He is no slouch in poker tournaments either - he has won over $1 million in live poker tournaments including a fourth-place finish in the 2019 World Series of Poker Monster Stack event, cashing him $344,079 for his initial $1,500 buy-in. Bart Hanson has been coaching poker for almost as long as he has played professionally, always possessing a analytical mind to No-Limit Hold’em. He has commentated on poker since 2005, first starting at Live at the Bike! And then moving onto his current role at Hustler Casino LIVE. Hanson is such a relied and trusted cash game poker coach that he has even flown out to Macau to help coach business men who have played in the nosebleed cash games that are famously held there. 

Bart Hanson and his Crush Live Poker coaching content has grown in popularity due to his informative and educational content that is released weekly. Whether it is call-in show on YouTube breaking down his viewers spots or his holistic content that helps people exploit live cash games, Bart Hanson has earned his right to be one of the best poker coaches around today.

Bart Hanson.
Bart Hanson (Image Credit: CrushLivePoker).

#6 Steffen Sontheimer - Pokercode

Steffen Sontheimer is a professional poker player and the head of cash game coaching at Fedor Holz’s Pokercode. He is a poker name that might go under-the-radar to fairweather fans but is known to the core poker community as someone who has a methodically impressive approach to the game. His amazing poker skill has seen him profit in live tournaments to the sum of almost $14 million, aswell as an similarly expected amount from the online cash games he frequents. 

In a similar fashion to Rolle, Steffen has no problem sitting down in GGPoker’s juicy high-stakes online cash tables and playing $100k+ pots while also breaking down his thought-process and approach for content on Pokercode’s YouTube channel. He is someone that has dominated live tournaments and online cash - for good reason the 31-year-old German is thought to be one of the best in the game. 

Steffen Sontheimer.
Steffen Sontheimer (Image Credit: pgt.com).

#7 Jonathan Little - PokerCoaching.com

Jonathan Little is someone who has been just as good as creating poker coaching content as well as he has won at the online and live poker felt. Little benefited from the early days of the poker boom, finding success as ‘Jcardshark’ on PokerStars and even making a WCOOP final table in 2008 against former MLB pitcher Orel Hershiser and 2003 WSOP Main Event champion Chris Moneymaker. Whilst a WSOP bracelet has eluded Little during his lengthy career so far, he has found considerable success in the World Poker Tour, winning two titles and cashing for almost $7 million in live events. 

Taking his huge breadth of poker experience, Little created PokerCoaching.com which has built a community of 120,000 poker players who use Little’s poker coaching strategies to become better in both poker cash games, tournaments and more. There is a huge focus put on Active Learning, which is the process of playing different spots and getting instant feedback through deep poker quizzes which put poker players in the blender before getting a coach’s feedback. Almost 7 million quizzes have been taken on PokerCoaching.com, with Jonathan Little’s coaches having $57 million in live earnings. 

Jonathan Little.
Jonathan Little

#8 Martin Jacobson - Prepare & Perform Poker Coaching

Martin Jacobson is a poker pro and poker coach who has succeeded at the very pinnacle of the game, and has recently decided to begin putting his in-depth poker knowledge and experience to help other players reach their potential. 

In similar fashion to 2022 World Series of Poker Main Event winner Espen Jorstad, Jacobson was already a well established professional before he went on to win the WSOP Main Event in 2014. In fact, he plated the Big One for One Drop High Roller bracelet in 2013 before he conquered the mammoth Main Event. Martin is now someone who has been a regular face in the biggest and best poker tournaments across the globe, as well as fighting in the highest stakes online. He has been a 888poker ambassador since 2017, and is continuing to add to his $17 million in live cashes as he recently took down the UKIPT London Main Event for £232,300, beating a field which consisted of names like Conor Beresford, Julien Sitbon and Jon Clark. 

Jacobson has now launched his Prepare & Perform coaching site that allows players annual access to strategy modules, preflop ranges, community support, interactive quizzes and support from Martin himself. The coaching program focuses on the fundamentals of being a winning poker player, meaning regardless of whether your are a seasoned vet of a poker recreational, you can use Martin Jacobson’s poker coaching philosophies and strategies to boost your game. 

Martin Jacobson.
Martin Jacobson (Image Credit: somuchpoker.com).

#9 Matt Berkey - Solve For Why

Matt Berkey is one of the most well-known poker pros out there, having been a regular in the live Las Vegas poker scene for over a decade as well as producing popular content under his Solve For Why coaching brand. Since he has grinded live cash and tournaments, Berkey has made his name as someone who worked his way up to the highest live tournaments including the Super High Roller Bowl which he finished 5th in for a $1.1 million score. 

In 2017 Berkey created his own poker academy called Solve For Why, which functions as both a live in-person coaching academy crash course that puts poker players under the microscope. They can sit in live seminars and have their live cash play reviewed by Berkey and his Solve For Why coaches, getting detailed analysis and feedback instantly. Solve For Why TV has also grown to become a big poker media brand, creating the popular Poker Out Loud series which has poker players play a cash game where their thoughts are detailed out loud as they play each hand. 

Matt Berkey.
Matt Berkey (Image Credit: Above the Felt).

#10 Faraz Jaka - Jaka Coaching

Faraz Jaka is a popular poker pro and coach who focuses on online and live tournaments. He began his poker career playing high stakes online cash games, during a time when poker was booming and cash games were very profitable for players who exploited and applied strategies. Whilst he built up a huge bankroll, it went just as easily as it came. 

After rebuilding his fundamentals, Jaka would go on to focus on low-stakes tournaments in order to win back his money, and found his biggest poker success in the World Poker Tour arena. He has achieved four WPT final tables, winning $774,780 in the WPT Bellagio Cup V and $571,274 in the WPT Doyle Brunson Five Diamond Classic. He is another famous poker pro that has found a WSOP bracelet hard to come by, having 39 cashes and six tables in the series. 

Using his exploitative and study-based approach to poker tournaments, Faraz Jaka founded Jaka Coaching which has gone on to help thousands of mid-stakes poker players all over the world. Most notably, he has coached Angela Jordison who has been on a tear since 2021, cashing for $651,941 since she began Jaka’s tutelage. Jaka’s coaching is liked due to his inclusive teaching approach - he encourages live classes and sessions witha group, with lots of discussion, feedback and notes for each lesson. 

Faraz Jaka.
Faraz Jaka (Image Credit: Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood).

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